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Lucifer: My Best Fiend's Wedding

"Drama? It's Maze and big feelings. What could possibly go wrong?"

Does the reappearance of an ex-husband count as something going wrong?

If there is an Eve, then there must be an Adam. Theoretically, meeting the First Man could be really cool. We've met the rest of his family, after all, and both of his wives. I can even get on board with him being the epitome of toxic masculinity and patriarchal control. That tracks, and certainly makes someone like Lucifer, who is all about fulfilling other's desires, all the more appealing. The implementation of everything was just... poor.

Because here's the issue. Adam as a character was basically nonexistent. He was just a plot device to let Maze self-sabotage. Even his kidnapping of Linda ultimately ended up being nothing. She talked him into therapy completely offscreen and made him realize that he could be vulnerable and women are actually people. I would have liked to see that. It would have given him some kind of internal consistency and meaning and purpose.

But as I said, the focus really was more on Maze and her own cold feet with the idea of her turning into her mother and not being able to have children with Eve like she wants, which further stems from the idea that she's a demon. Demons can't change and can't have anything good in their life. They can't love.

A demon like that, though, wouldn't have texted Lucifer to come and stop her from killing Adam. And demons like that wouldn't have come support Maze and attend her wedding. Maze has changed just as much as everyone else in the cast, and it was so nice to see that finally acknowledged and confirmed.

Their vows were simply perfect. Eve called Maze her soulmate, and Maze was finally able to express that she loved Eve. It made me cry. Linda's explanation on why Maze had someone walk her down the aisle while Eve went alone was maybe a little heavy-handed, but that might also just be because I had hoped to talk about that observation myself in this review and it's less impressive when the show spells it out for me. Either way, it was still wonderful and beautiful, and I'm so glad that we got at least one, proper wedding out of this show.

Also, it was just visually gorgeous.

Ella's knowledge of the celestial finally came to a head in the final moments of the episode, and it was genuinely heartbreaking. Even while knowing that everyone was keeping this massive secret from her, she still wanted to go to the wedding. She still wanted to keep it together so that Maze and Eve could have a nice wedding. But as the saying goes, drunk words are sober thoughts, and after enough drinks she just couldn't stay quiet. Not when her faith has already prepped her to happily accept all of this as real.

There is an argument that could be made that Ella should have had a very negative reaction to the idea of Lucifer actually being the Devil due to her faith. The same could be said for Maze being a demon. But I'm so glad that she didn't. She's known both of them for long enough now to know that they're not evil. They're still the same people she's grown to love over the years. None of this changes any of that.

I wonder if she would have been less upset if there wasn't an imminent apocalypse. It seemed like a lot of her angry was directed at the idea that they thought that she couldn't help with something so important. Except, surprise! No one had any idea that it was happening. Why? I know that Lucifer's power was a little shaky down in Hell, but neither he nor Amenadiel have shown any weakness beyond that. Why did neither of them pick up on what was happening? Or any of the angels up in Heaven, for that matter. I would think that Gabriel would have been the first to spread the gossip that something was going on. She knew about the wedding, after all.

After the small amount of progress last episode, Lucifer and Rory again take another, massive step back. I can completely see and understand Rory's anger at being stood up at the tailor. She finally took a chance and trusted Lucifer when he said that he would be there, and he wasn't. Not even a quick text or a phone call to explain why. And after hearing from Trixie how awesome Lucifer was, it was just the final straw. It would be one thing if Lucifer also hadn't been there for her, but he was. For someone who "wasn't even his real daughter" which... yeah, I really didn't like that line. That was a step way too far for me. And in Lucifer's defense... he had a really good reason why he wasn't there. He wasn't off on a night of debauchery. He was literally saving the wedding and reconciling Maze and Eve. I can't find fault in that.

I can, however, find fault in Lucifer both a) not being at Chloe's deathbed and b) not being around for basically double the length of time that had been initially assumed. I just can't understand why Lucifer would do something like that. Or why Chloe would refuse to tell Rory what actually happened to her father. Or why anyone else would refuse to tell Rory. She's obviously close with Maze and Amenadiel in the future. So either Lucifer completely abandoned them as well and went somewhere they can't find, or they're also lying about his whereabouts. And honestly, that second option is just heartbreaking. I really don't like the idea that everyone Rory knows and loves has been lying to her her entire life about something that is so obviously causing her so much pain and rage. I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but I'm just really having trouble with this storyline. It doesn't make sense, and at this point I almost don't want it to make sense.

Was this an intentional parallel between Rory and Ella? Are both of them being kept in the dark by the people around them about something massive? And not through any selfish and cruel motive, but with their best interests at heart? Except that Ella very clearly showed that telling the truth, like Lucifer so loves to do, is the best option. What is Rory's truth?

Random Thoughts

Love how the babysitter conveniently took Trixie home right before Ella had her big speech. Should I just assume that this point that we're not going to see Trixie learn the truth?

Carol also left and returned just in time to miss Ella's announcement. I'm going to assume that he also will not be learning the truth.

Chloe is rejoining the LAPD. Lucifer is never going to actually become God, is he? Yeah, maybe this was obvious going into the season, but it feels particularly clear now.

Amenadiel's lie about fertilizer to explain the dead body smell was very clever.

Am I upset that there wasn't any 'Adam and Steve' reference? Am I relieved? Honestly not sure.

An Honest Fangirl loves video games, horror movies, and superheroes, and occasionally manages to put words together in a coherent and pleasing manner.


  1. I agree that Adam was a nonentity, but it made sense that he would show up and be a jerk, so there's that. I was just glad that they went through with the wedding, that it happened. And that Ella spewed the truth.

    I keep thinking the only reason why Lucifer would have left Chloe to raise their daughter alone is if he no longer exists somehow. And with the world ending -- is that it? I haven't watched ahead, but does Lucifer sacrifice himself for the world? (Don't spoil me if that's what happens!)

  2. Billie, I feel like that would make sense, but then why did no one tell Rory? Like she said a few episodes back "that would be a good excuse" for him to not be in her life. Which makes me think that it has to be something else.

  3. Fangirl, that's a good point. Maybe Chloe didn't know, though.

  4. Of course they made Adam like that. Thought this show was better than that but everyone wants to capitalise on Men=trash.
    They didn't even care to make it subtle. So bad it was actually offensive. Nearly ruined what was otherwise a really good episode. Good stuff between Maze/Eve (imagine how much better this resolution would have been if Adam had actually been worth a thing). Wish they had more scenes together before this episode. The scene with Mazes demon family cheering was morbidly hilariously.
    and Ella...Wow Aimee Garcia was excellent this episode. Her whole breakdown from the ceremony to the after party was amazing also the way it was shot from her POV at certain points really drove home her spiral.
    Really like Rory and Lucifer's relationship with the role reversal of the Lucifer and God relationship. His future reasoning for not being around is obviously going to be massive. Again everyone is forgetting the amount of times he has left Chloe behind for 'the greater good'.
    I think Trixie not knowing and the lack of her in general is hurting the season especially as it is wrapping up.

  5. Anonymous, this show doesn't say that men=trash. Amenadiel, Dan, even Lucifer, are far from trash.

  6. I have some demon-related questions. How come Maze has a body (and now a soul) but her siblings need to borrow bodies? And in that case, how come they don't have souls?

  7. @Billie

    Never said it did. Up until this point anyway which is why it bothered me so much.

  8. This episode felt so tired and boring to me. More repeats of Rory being (unreasonably?) moody - I'm starting to not care at this point.

    An jncredibly done-to-death cold feet before the wedding plot which at least ended with a nice vows scene (not before Maze doing the big speech to win Eve back tired trope first).

    Dan and Ella's plot was what saved this from being a really dull episode.

    And Adam? Yeah plot device to fire some "men suck" lines at. Big yawn.

    After a great ending to the last season and a superb start to this one I'm hoping this poor middle filler will soon be forgotten in the final blaze of glory.

  9. I meant to mention this in the season premiere but forgot: in that episode, I was really saddened to see the Magic Castle empty. I've been there twice, and it was always packed to the gills. They must have shut down completely for COVID, so at least Lucifer was able to give them some cash for shooting on location.

    In this episode, it was kinda cool to see the Disney concert hall as a location for a wedding, even as it again reminded me that it was probably only available because of COVID.

    Am I upset that there wasn't any 'Adam and Steve' reference?

    I actually thought of precisely that awful joke when Adam said something like "It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and some random demon."

    I'm glad Ella's big reveal is now...revealed. I hadn't pieced together that Trixie was conveniently out of the way; that's a great observation. I think I was distracted by how much Carol must have been thinking, "Oh dear god, my new girlfriend is clearly an alcoholic" given Ella's champagne consumption.

  10. How did Adam come back from Heaven (or Hell?) in the flesh and not as a ghost? If I'm not mistaken, the show has also never explained how Eve came back to Earth. How come they get to return to Earth as live humans but Dan can only be a ghost? Giant plot hole.

  11. Also, how was Chloe, who doesn't even work for the police anymore, able to just walk into the station and get all those HR files? HR stuff is super confidential. Even people who work at an organization can't access HR files unless they're actually in HR.


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