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Lucifer: Save the Devil, Save the World

"Do you think that I should remind them again that this is just a rough draft?"

I always hated workshopping my writing in college. Incredibly anxiety-inducing. I can't imagine doing it with a set of my friends who were actually in my story.

Next up on our list of characters tying up their character arcs is Linda. After working on a book on Lucifer all season, we finally got to see parts of it. Part of me can't help but wonder about the logistics of a) publishing a book full of ridiculously intimate details about your patient and b) including the fact that everyone is a celestial within those ridiculously intimate details. I mean, Linda even included the fact that Maze and Dan killed someone with the Russians. That seems like a story that should probably get cut before general consumption.

Putting that aside for the moment, I also couldn't help but wonder how much of what everyone read was how Lucifer viewed things versus Linda's interpretations of everything. She tried to clarify that none of this was Lucifer's exact words, but that all got ignored in the heightened emotions.

The 'flashbacks' or 'reenactments' were fun, if sometimes cringe-inducing. The first one was probably my favorite, if only for all of the little details and how it poked fun at the procedural aspect of everything. Ella's shirt was definitely a highlight, as was how obviously smitten Lucifer was with his Detective. Could have lived without the 'Dan is a massive screw up' angle, though, even if it helped push him into figuring out what was keeping him from Heaven.

In another sign that Maze isn't her mother, her interactions with Dan were some of my favorites thus far this season. They have such a great relationship. "I'm gonna torture your ass right into Heaven" almost made it as the leading quote for this review. It was also very touching when Maze did ultimately end up playing Whoopi Goldberg for him with regards to Ella.

Ella's arc also finished up here with her conversation with Carol. He really said all of the right things in that moment. He didn't need to know all of the details. He trusted Ella and wasn't threatened at all by the idea of her keeping something from him. Especially when it wasn't her secret to share. He knew her heart. Just like she knows the hearts of all of her friends whom she just spent the evening feeling incredibly hurt and betrayed with. It was a nice, feel-good moment in an episode that was full of them.

I'm so glad that Linda finally got the recognition that she deserved from her client. I have said this in many reviews, but Linda has been chronically under appreciated throughout this entire series. Having Lucifer acknowledge all of her hard work and tell her that she made him a better man just made me smile. It made me happy.

None of this even came close to touching Lucifer and Rory's confrontation. After what seemed like it was just going to be another round of angrily insisting that Lucifer was horrible and awful, we moved past that with the help of some gun violence. What a lovely callback, both to Season One and Season Four, with Lucifer's vulnerability showing how much he cares. It's hard to argue with a bleeding bullet wound, or with the tenderness in Lucifer's eyes when he told Rory that he loved her.

How fitting is it that his love for his family is what let his conscious and subconscious minds unite? That really is what I would call the overarching theme for the series as a whole: love and its transformative quality. And by fully accepting and embracing and showing this, Lucifer is finally ready to become God. Not that he will, of course.

Lucifer deciding that God isn't his calling isn't necessarily a surprise. It was a pretty safe bet to assume that this would happen. I'm not quite sure where we will go from here, though. I'm hoping for a 'no God, everyone is fully in control of their own destiny' kind of thing. I have a feeling that we won't get it, but that's what I want. I'm pretty sure we still don't have a ruler down in Hell since Maze decided to not be queen. Why can't Heaven be the same?

Random Thoughts

D.B Woodside directed this episode. I'm assuming that's why Amenadiel spent the episode in Heaven. I would have loved to have him appear in the book too!

Ella's look of awe at Amenadiel's Olympic-worthy dive off the building and subsequent flight was wonderful.

I didn't realize it until after Chloe explicitly called attention to her necklace, but she has been wearing it. It's even animated in cartoon form.

Those were a lot of letters that Linda had at the end of her name there.

'Danimal Crackers' made me laugh.

We all know what the title is a reference to, right? I still need to watch that show.

An Honest Fangirl loves video games, horror movies, and superheroes, and occasionally manages to put words together in a coherent and pleasing manner.


  1. I also loved that moment with Ella seeing Amenadiel. What a great fake-out, since it felt at first like he was going to plummet instead of fly.

    And even though I'm not much of a montage fan, I thought the love montage they did was just gorgeous.

  2. I felt the episode was a massive therapy session for everyone (although writing Lucifer's story is an incredible breach of privacy). And I liked how it showed how Lucifer stood Chloe up many times - but how many times he was there for her, too. Also, let me add that I like how Ella figured everything out.

  3. While I loved the episode (despite Linda's highly questionable ethics!), I did feel like the realization that being God just wasn't Lucifer's calling took way too long to arrive.

  4. I like that she mentioned how he put her on a pedestal when she was just as flawed as he was. I and many others never understood that about him. But as they say, 'Love is Blind.'

  5. I almost turned this episode off because the way it began and the fact that it was a 'bottle' episode just didn't feel right. But I watched it the rest of the way through and it was pretty good considering it wasn't very realistic of Dr. Linda to write a book about her patient.

  6. I love that DB woodside directed this episode. It made his dramatic jump and twirl off the building even funnier.

  7. I understood why Linda would write a book about psychoanalyzing the Devil, even if it was unethical to discuss a client. It was an extraordinary experience that no other shrink has ever had or ever would have. And everyone would assume it was fiction.

  8. Phew after 3 weak episodes we had a really good one. Ok it was a bit of a clip show but it worked for me.

    Rory even managed to not ruin it too although she still seems completely unnecessary to me.

  9. At first I thought this was going to be a clip show, and was horrified. Then I realized what it was doing, and I loved it!

    A few of the re-enactments, especially the first, reminded me of an episode of Person of Interest: https://www.douxreviews.com/2015/01/person-of-interest-if-then-else.html

    Fangirl, I'd recommend watching that show (if you haven't) before watching Heroes, because Heroes is a complete dumpster fire of a disaster and yes I still feel burned by watching a show go that horribly off the rails so quickly and somehow the showrunner blamed the fans for not being smart enough and I'll stop typing now.

    I'm so, so happy that Lucifer has realized that the God job is not the right fit for him. I think I've been on the fence for most of this season because I wasn't sure if we were supposed to be rooting for him to realize he shouldn't be God, or come to terms with being God. Hooray for his choice!

  10. I haven't seen Person of Interest yet. That's another show on my list! And yeah, I've heard that Heroes completely disintegrated once it got past the first season. But surely it can't be that bad... right? (She says in a small, hopeful voice) Although the show runner saying that is... yeah that's not good. At all.

  11. Fangirl, I reviewed Heroes and I don't recommend it. It was so good at first, and then it just devolved. I honestly wish I'd never started reviewing it.

  12. Ouch. Okay, yeah both Josie and Billie not recommending a show is something that cannot and should not be ignored. Off the list it goes.

  13. @Honest Fangirl, I personally would recommend watching the first season of Heroes. You can just pretend the first season finale was the end of the series.

  14. Rewatching this on again and finding it bothers me that first-time directors sometimes go the "let's film the actors using an odd angle." One of my favorite old shows was Starsky and Hutch. It was Paul Michael Glaser's first try at directing and it featured filming the actors through a stair railing. DB filmed Linda and Lucifer from outside her office through the blinds. I literally rolled my eyes because it was so annoying. But I'm all for learning a new skill...


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