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This Week: The Marvel Version of the Met Gala

...in which the Agents of Doux ponder the difficulty of Moon Knight, ATLA/Korra tension, Tom Holland dancing, and other imperfect consolations.

Josie Kafka: It's that time of the week again: what are you watching? What are you not watching? What are you reading?

I've fallen a bit behind on Moon Knight but will catch up this weekend. I'm finally catching up on the last season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which is really exciting. And I just finished my first Helen Oyemi book. She's been on my radar for a while, so I'm delighted to have taken the plunge with Mr. Fox. Next up: her book Gingerbread.

Mikey: I'm about half way through the first season of Enterprise and enjoying it more than I expected. I can't wait to see all the cool things they do with the character of Travis!

Just kidding, I'm aware that they completely forget about him. Which is too bad, he starts off well.

I keep dabbling with Evil, but have only made it about halfway through season two.

An Honest Fangirl: I’ve been on vacation these past week and a half doing what is affectionately referred to in my family as the Disney Death March, so my viewing stuff has been very sparse. Only thing I’ve really been watching is Forensic Files reruns that I catch before I fall into a mild coma at night. Very annoying to watch on TV. The commercial breaks kill me. Viewing experience is far more pleasant on demand, especially since each episode is only 30 minutes.

Sunbunny: I'm up to date with Moon Knight and I wish I could say I was enjoying it but... I mean, I'm still watching, so that's something, right?

Other than that I've started a new series (it's British so there's just like three episodes) called Murder in Provence. Once you get over the fact that everyone who is supposed to be French has an English accent, it's quite good fun. I've been watching so much historical stuff lately though when one of the characters pulled out a cell phone I did a double take.

Victoria Grossack: This week I rewatched Space Force in order to prepare for a review of the show. It's pleasant, although not great. However, sometimes I kind of need that.

I also watched an episode of Our National Parks, only to discover that it – or at least the first episode – is narrated by Barack Obama. Also, I had been veering away from it because I thought it would only focus on the United States. I was delighted to discover that the word "national" does not refer just to the USA, but the national parks around the world. This makes for much more diversity and a whole bunch of animals I have never seen and some of their odd behaviors, such as these tiny deer on a Japanese island who stalk macaques, waiting for them to drop fruit off of trees on to the ground. Wonderful photography, as I said, so quite relaxing.

As I enjoyed The Big Bang Theory (my life is full of real physicists) I also turned on Young Sheldon. It's predictable, of course, as I am familiar with Sheldon Cooper as an adult and I know his back story. However, the first two episodes were quite well done and I now understand how the relationship between Sheldon and his mother works. I was impressed, too, by the casting of the younger Mary Cooper, who has the looks, height and mannerisms of Laurie Metcalfe. An internet search showed me that the younger Mary Cooper is played by Zoe Perry, who happens to be Metcalfe's real-life daughter.

Mark Greig: I've been having work done on the house so haven't been watching much this week except for the brilliant new season of Derry Girls. After the latest special airs this weekend I really hope we finally get some kind of announcement soon about who the next Doctor Who will be (yes, I called them Doctor Who and regret nothing). I gave up on the current era after season 12 and hope that RTD's return will make the show something I love and enjoy again, but that will depend largely on who he ultimately casts. I really hope it isn't another bloke.

Currently taking a break from reading Avengers and Doctor Strange to dip into the cosmic side of Marvel Universe and read Jim Starlin's original Thanos epics in Captain Marvel and Warlock, mainly as prep for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. I expect a few people are going to ask me who Adam Warlock is and I want to at least look like I always knew. After all, I've got to maintain my reputation as a sad, obsessive Marvel nerd.

After inflicting that Rob Liefeld horror on everyone last week, I've decided to make amends this week by sharing this amazing Doctor Doom outfit Russell Dauterman has designed for this year's Hellfire Gala (basically the Marvel version of the Met Gala).

Hail to the king, baby.

Josie: I haven't met any of my TV or reading goals (much less my housecleaning goals) yet this week, but I did start Spider-man: No Way Home last night. It seems... fine? I didn't feel compelled to watch the whole thing in one sitting.

Shari: I too have been keeping up with Moon Knight. More out of curiosity than anything else. I've also still been watching The Endgame. They are FINALLY switching up the structure. Things are no longer playing out as planned and I'm enjoying it more as a result.

I just finished reading Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South so I re-watched the 2014 mini-series starring Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe. It feels like Pride and Prejudice set during Britain's Industrial Revolution. I may have enjoyed it even more this go round. That was about it for me.

Samantha Quinn: I'm still a episode behind on Moon Knight and I'm finding it hard to go back. I'm not exactly sure why, maybe it is the themes? I've never been super interested in Egyptian gods and mythology and history so that could be that, or maybe it has to do with the main character being really hard to like. I mean, I get it's a bit of a heroes journey, but Steven is such a pain in the ass and Marc is so grumpy and broody that I just haven't connected to him.

I just finished season three of Korra and I already got the two canonical graphic novels that follow season four. I'm really torn, I didn't have years of love for Avatar creating a bias against Korra, but it took me longer to warm up to the show. However, I think it may be my favorite of the two shows. It deals with mature issues and legacy and family that is more up my alley.

Josie: I'm in the same situation, Samantha. I didn't manage to catch up on Moon Knight this weekend. It's like I can't even imagine being in the mood to do so.

I did finally watch Spider-man: No Way Home and liked it much more than I expected to. It got me excited for the new Doctor Strange. I wonder if I'll actually go see it in a theater. Gasp!

It's not as good as Tom Holland's greatest work, though:


  1. I love Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and delighted to see it mentioned.

    Better Call Saul has finally restarted and I plan to watch as it airs, which will be hard... I intend to rewatch from the beginning in between the weekly waits.

    As for new shows though, I have Legion and Severance lined up for near future consumption, and that's really it. 30 Rock too for comedy supplementing, technically, since it's my first watch. Tina Fey's character has so many genuinely cute moments, though it's a wildly uneven show (which is a compliment for comedy since I'll sit through any sitcom that has guaranteed high points that can make me lol, though strangely with 30 Rock their best stuff is so off-hand that they're easy to miss). It's the only show I need to watch at 0.9x speed lol, it's so fucking fast.

    Werewolf bar mitzvah, spooky scary
    Boys becoming men
    Men becoming wolves

  2. Onigirli, I LOVE 30 Rock. Or I did. Haven't watched it in a while and I remember it pushing some boundaries but in general it was so good. It has some of my favorite comedy moments of all time.

  3. Samantha, the last season of Korra is really what makes it my favorite. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

    I've just started physical therapy for a minor knee injury and we were talking about Moon Knight and my physical therapist and his assistant felt much the same as I do: still on the fence. I'm waiting for something amazing to happen but so far it's been...not wonderful. My problem is that Oscar Isaac (while pretty to look at) is not likable as Marc (who is a jerk) or Steven (who is just pathetic). So far Ethan Hawke's character has been carrying it for me, and even then he's just playing a paint by numbers Marvel villain.

    1. I finished S4 of Korra and yeah it was amazing the way it ended. I loved that all the legacy family characters had such an important role in the series and that ending made me sob.

    2. Wow you made it through the Avatarverse in record time.

  4. Ahaha *points excitedly back and forth from my shirt to sunbunny's*
    Yeah it does kind of overdo it with the boundary-pushing, to be honest. Usually when it comes to comedy I'm socially/morally bankrupt, if it's funny I'll laugh at it and support it. I saw that infamous blackface episode they took down on the streaming services... and, well it wasn't terrible, but it also just wasn't that funny. They didn't really do anything clever with the whole Tracy Jordan as a white woman VS Jenna as a black man gag. Kind of a shame, because it feels like fertile territory.

    Well even if you don't rewatch it I highly recommend just going through written episode 'recaps' that transcribe all the funny lines from a given episode, because honestly sometimes a joke that doesn't make me grin seeing it on screen suddenly makes me bark with laughter reading it in text form later. It's just one of those things lol.

  5. As usual, this was very fun! Thank you very much for writing this!

    I have been really enjoying Slow Horses! It's a great mystery, and I cannot wait to find out what happens!

    I also have been enjoying Moon Knight! I find it intriguing, and since I don't know much about Egyptian mythology, I'm enjoying learning more about it. I've always liked myths.

    Thanks again!


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