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The Flash: Negative, Part One

“Sacrifices gotta be made.”

I did not see that coming.

It’s the mark of good writing when you don’t see the plot twist coming but can look back and notice all the steps that led straight to it. Of course, the Forces would have negative counterparts and of course Thawne would be their avatar just as Barry is for the positive Forces.

The negative Forces have been playing the long game. Just as the Still Force can be anywhere in the past present and future, so too can his alter ego. Once he got a whiff of the future, he and his negative siblings set about changing it.

Barry is only one half of the Positive Forces’ power. Iris being the other half. Infecting her infected the positive Forces and kept them from warning or assisting Barry. It also explains why a Negative Deon needed Barry’s help in locating Iris in the Still Force.

Then there was the matter of locating the Reverse-Flash because apparently, not just any old Eobard would do. But since their avatar no longer had his speed, they had to engineer a version that did. Was it Deon and not the time wraiths that brought Eobard back?

Poor Meena, she never asked for any of this. Putting Eobard in her life only to have her watch the Reverse-Flash shred him from the inside out was brutal. Almost as brutal as having Barry cause Iris’ death.

Is Iris truly gone? If so, the repercussions will be massive. What happens when Barry no longer has his lightening rod? Besides being the person who brings Barry balance, it also means the potential end of Nora and Bart. Even more frightening is Meena without Eobard to balance out the rage of the negative Speed Force. Will she turn that anger on the Forces that killed her lover or will she blame Barry for setting this in motion?

Both deaths looked definitive. However, this is not Eobard’s first go round and it wouldn’t be the first time someone was brought back from the dead (Why hello there, Sara). Besides, Barry made the superhero promise that he would save Iris and they don’t usually make liars of the show’s namesake.

My only nit to pick is Negative Deon and friends had multiple opportunities to make good on their death threats but backed away each time. Yes, I know why they couldn’t wipe out Team Flash with a snap, but either don’t make the threat or have something stop them. Having the Forces give up just undercuts their threat.

As devastating as all of this is, it was not the only jaw-dropping event of the episode. In addition to not being affected by meta-dampening, Cecile can now absorb other psychics’ abilities. Unfortunately, she has yet to figure out a way to give them back. Her exploits provided the only levity in a dark episode and the powers came in handy when fighting god-like Forces. Yet, I doubt this is a good thing.

Then there’s Mark, Caitlin and the CRC. I have no idea what a CRC is, but Mark believes it will awaken what is left of Frost’s consciousness in Caitlin’s head. Even if they succeed, it will be a version of Frost from before her and Caitlin’s separation, and certainly before any relationship with Mark. Maybe he’s convinced that if she fell for him once, she’ll do it again.

Will Barry keep his promise and find a way to restore Iris? Can Caitlin and Mark do the same for Frost? Will we discover who or what has upped Cecile’s game? There’s still a lot of ground to cover and only one episode left. However, The Powers That Be succeeded in shocking me while simultaneously making me think “Of course that would happen.” My faith has been restored.

4 out of 5 negative tachyons

Parting Thoughts:

Didn’t miss Fuerza’s CGI alter ego. This worked much better.


Meena: “I’m a disaster.”

Meena: “So the fastest man alive is a badge with a day job?”

Deon: “Oh, you’ll get everything you deserve, Thawne."

Joe: “Hold up. Hold up. Ain’t nobody invite your criminal behind in here.”

Deon: “Don’t look so negative.”

Cecile: “Oh, excuse me! Someone has a potty mouth!”

Eobard: “Whatever happens, let’s face it together.”

Bashir: “Poor orphan Allegra. The power of light in your hands, but born into a life of darkness.”

Iris: “Time is changing.”

Thawne: “Thanks for the resurrection, Flash.”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, the supernatural, and anything with a cape.

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