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The Flash: Rogues of War

"If you can't trust us, we can't trust you.

What the hell did I just watch?

Ostensibly, this is an episode about trust. Most notably, Barry must earn the trust of the Rogues he’s recruited in his attempt to defeat Mercer and his crew. Each member of his personal Rogues Gallery believes that Barry has betrayed him. Either prior to or during their current mission.

I’m on board so far. After all, this isn’t the first time Team Flash has worked with criminals to defeat an even more dangerous foe. This isn’t even the first time he’s taken something to keep it out of a super villain’s clutches. This is definitely the first time he’s brokered a deal for the criminals to split the proceeds.

Did he forget he works in law enforcement?

And we’ll just skip right past the fact that a military base might have a security camera or two to the fact that Barry and his band of Rogues walked (in slow motion, no less) right past several soldiers. Yes, they had badges, which I assume gave them the right to be there. However, when the million dollar engine turns up missing, the guards might remember them.

I’m all for a suspension of disbelief, but even I can’t follow them this far. I especially wanted to throw something at the TV when Iris told Barry, “...trusting them wasn’t such a bad idea after all.” Yes, Hartley, Goldface and Jaco agreed to continue helping Team Flash. But the only reason their assistance was necessary was because Mark betrayed them! I guess it’s fine if at least 75% of the team is trustworthy.

It’s obvious The Powers That Be are working towards something specific that requires the continued participation of this group of Rogues. Thus, the need for mutual trust. However, these are the moments where the shared world of the Arrowverse shows work against them. Maybe Team Flash holds no sway with General Eiling but they have a few friends at A.R.G.U.S. who might. Besides, if Team Flash could contact Luke Fox, they could reach out to Kara or Black Lightning or any of the Legends rather than a bunch of criminals. OK, maybe not the Legends. But you get my point.

And I’m done with Allegra and Chester’s will they/won’t they? We all know they will, eventually. And since the show has given us exactly zero reasons for this conflict, I don’t care. Please, can we just skip to the end?

Allegra and Chester’s inability to communicate was in direct contrast with Iris and Barry’s open dialogue. Their determination to enjoy all the things they missed during eight years of saving the world over and over has done nothing to assuage Iris’ fear that motherhood will stifle her personal ambitions. Barry’s offer of support and his gentle reminder that she still has at least two Pulitzers in her future was a sweet moment. However, the authenticity of her fears and Barry’s nuanced response felt out of place in such an over-the-top episode.

There were other flashes (no pun intended) of goodness. I loved Jaco discovering Barry’s secret identity from his coffee order. Or Goldface hosting a book club among his cronies. Plus, I find the slow reveal of both Khione’s likes and her abilities entertaining.

I’m also intrigued by The Red Death’s grudge against Barry. Did he harm her in the future or a different timeline? If so, she now has everything she needs to return the favor.

I’m curious enough to see where The Powers That Be are leading us, but I’d be lying if I said this episode wasn’t a disappointment.

2 out of 5 Book Clubs with Goldface

Parting Thoughts:

This is the second mention of Corbin Taft Industries in the series, though I can’t find any reference to it in the comics.

Not only is Amar, AKA Murmur, from the comics but also a recurring character on Arrow. Though both the comic and the Arrow version of Murmur were men named Michael Amar.

If there’s a comic tie-in to Fort L.U.K.I.A. I couldn’t find it, but since the name is oddly specific, I’m wondering if it’s an inside joke by The Powers That Be.


Barry: "Can we get a doggy bag?"

Khione: "Why is Allegra afraid of you?"

Kramer: "Are you trying to tell me that a trio of murderous lunatics is trying to build a time machine?"

Hartley: "Well, that sounds super ominous."

Iris: "Khione, do you like scavenger hunts?"
Khione: "I have no idea, but I can't wait to find out."

Mark: "I'm gonna do what Frost would have wanted."

Goldface: "Looks like you got a mutiny, Caesar."

Jaco: "Barry Allen's The Flash. They have the same Jitters order."

Mark: "Game over, Barry Allen."

Captain Boomerang: "Finally, someone worth killing."

Fiddler: "Don't band-splain to me hesher."

Mark: "Sorry, Goldilocks, but I am all out of porridge."

Red Death: "Where's your speed now, Flash."

Cecile: "We got a new speedster in a bat suit, and Batwoman is missing?"

Red Death: "I am vengeance."

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, the supernatural, and anything with a cape.

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