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Only Murders in the Building: Fan Fiction

"We don't know shit about Tim Kono."

I love a show with weirdos. The best part of Gilmore Girls isn't Luke and Lorelai, but Kirk's antics and Taylor's nonsense. The goofballs who make up the wallpaper of Doc Martin or Northern Exposure are far more fun than any main character could ever be. It's always about the weirdos.

And now it's time we met our own weirdos. Honestly, I thought the neighbors in the apartment building would fill this role, but they've been quiet and off screen. They're not even being investigated!

But now we meet the Arconians, the die-hard fans of the podcast, and we learn that the nickname for Oliver's fans is "Putnutz." That's me. He's the best. But if you've been reading these reviews, you know that already. I think he's the heart of the show.

While I'm critical of our heroes for being useless investigators, these dorks show real courage in this episode, and that's even more impressive than being a good sleuth. Ask yourself if you would stand up to the bad man who threatened to kill you. They barely hesitate to put together a case that nails Teddy Dimas to the wall.

But for all the progress we make, we're left with the same question as when we started. Teddy and Theo Dimas didn't kill Tim Kono and the residents of the Arconia still live with a murderer. A light has been shone on the Arconia's murky past, but it's still dark around Tim's murder. Are we back to square one?

DUN-DUN-DUNNN!!!! (The Spoiler Section)

OK. My editor says I should start masking my spoilers, so if you want to read them you'll have to highlight the otherwise invisible text below.

-If you can't see what Jan is up to, please don't go into a career in law enforcement. A kid with chocolate smeared on his face promising he didn't eat the missing Snickers is less suspicious than Jan throwing out stupid theories and shooting down every good idea.

Under the Microscope

-Tim was poisoned. Teddy and Theo Dimas have an on-camera alibi. Rather convenient this just came up.

-Once again, a guest star provides the next step in the case. First, Oscar drops the information about Kono having bought Zoe's ring. Then the Arconians point out some obvious problems with Kono's trash.

-And don't forget to watch Oscar while they're playing out the scenarios. He's having the time of his life.

-I love the stage lights in Putnam's apartment. Only a total nut would install those.

-Think Putnam's a bad director? He's not. He's got terrible ideas, but watch how Sam changes his "performance" after getting notes from Putnam. It's like magic.

-Marv (the tall one) says, "I actually do have a job," and Putnam doesn't believe him. Joke's on you. Marv, we later learn, works in HVAC. Information that actually would have been useful early in season two if you'd gotten to know the guy. But I digress.

-You have to feel sorry for Tim Kono. He could never know if he'd done the right thing, but he did his best. Better to send a friend to jail than sending a friend to their death. But knowing that doesn't make it easy.

Final Analysis: Fun and satisfying. Five out of Five suspicious clues that my editor would rather me not mention here...

Adam D. Jones is a writer and something of a detective himself, having recently solved the mystery of the broken blender. (He had unplugged it to charge his phone.)

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