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Only Murders in the Building: To Protect and Serve

"Have your ever felt like there was something you screwed up so bad you'll never forgive yourself? For me, it was letting her spend time at that damned apartment."

This week we dive into Mabel's life and finally get her personal baggage out in the open. Everyone is finally on the same page just as the investigation hits the brakes. More importantly, it's time we took a closer look at Teddy Dimas.

Dimas, who makes our characters very uncomfortable, has finally landed on the suspect list. (Why wasn't he on there in the first place?) Savage does some good sleuthing here by remembering that Dimas called Yaya "Angel." Angel is the person they're looking for in connection to the jewel thefts, and he noticed the same name on the check Dimas hands him. Nice work, Savage.

Meanwhile, Oscar and Mabel are becoming a thing. He's obviously good for her. And Mabel's decided she's dedicated to solving the murder, no matter how much it will disrupt her life. She's all in. No more on-again-off-again, non-committal Mabel.

More importantly, at this point we have to recognize that we're trying to solve two murders. Tim Kono just died, but Zoe was pushed off of the building years ago, and her death is the key something bigger.

Once again, the guest star contributes the most. Our detective mails in the next pieces of the puzzle to our heroes, who have no idea what to do with it. Don't worry. Another guest star will be along to advance the plot for them.

Under the Microscope

-Oscar, once again, contributes to the case. He knows that Zoe was not wearing her ring when she was taken away by the ambulance, but she was wearing it the night she died. This is very important.

-Wow. Someone else remembers 'Herman's Head.' One of the few places you could find Yeardley Smith not voicing Lisa Simpson.

-Mabel's mom is great.

-Savage asks if seventeen subscribers is good, and Oscar is very amused when he says, "no." Oscar is hysterical.

-Mabel is hardcore serious that her old friends avoid trying to learn TikTok. That's good advice.

Final Analysis: Good sleuthing and good character interaction. Five out of Five home-cooked meals.

Adam D. Jones is a writer and something of a detective himself, having recently solved the mystery of the broken blender. (He had unplugged it to charge his phone.)

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