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Only Murders in the Building: Twist

"Brazzos was one of three DVD sets in the prison library."
"God, prison sounds like hell!"

Time to get out of the Arconia and follow our new suspect to a place called Bayport (which also happens to be where the Hardy Boys books took place). Finally, some investigating!

It's Tie-Dye guy! Oscar, who's been in prison for Zoe's murder, is finally out, and he's developed a remarkable outlook on life. He's trying to enjoy every moment while also trying really hard to stay out of trouble. Oscar's a lot of fun. Pay attention to him any time he's on screen. He follows the investigation with childish glee, like someone who feels lucky just to be there. It's a blast.

And Oscar figures out the next clue. Naturally. This begins a trend of guest stars figuring things out for our main characters. (Those three are are lucky to find their own apartments without a map.)

Once again, Mabel wants "out." She's on and off the investigation, depending on the episode. Just commit, Mabel, because you're not fooling anyone. We all know you'll be back.

DUN-DUN-DUNNN!!!! (The Spoiler Section)

This episode developed Kono's life before he died, showing us a taste of what he was into, but not much in the way of clues. So I don't have anything to spoil this time.

Under the Microscope

-Putnam's car is weirder than you think. That's a Peugeot 504, a French car (how many of those can you name?) that barely even sold in the US. Only a goofball like Putnam would have one. You're more likely to find a Model T on the street. The Peugeot 504 initially didn't meet U.S. emission standards, which is one of the reasons it sputters and fumes all the way to its bitter end.

-Putnam's fake plays crack me up every time. This week, he's remembering (with glee) the time he tried to make a sequel to Singin' in the Rain.

-I'm not a fan of fat-shaming. While I work hard to maintain my 34-inch waistline, I don't see anything funny about Savage's "fat" pictures. Having a normal body is nothing to be ashamed of. Bad show. Bad.

-Mabel repeats that she's always wanted to kill someone with her knitting needles. Write that down.

-Everyone hated Tim Kono. We knew that. He knew that. He even thought someone was going to kill him. What could he have been doing that was worth risking his life? This guy's a little more complex than we first thought.

Final Analysis: 3 out of 5 cacti. I'd rate it higher, but the fat-shaming bugs me. Am I being to hard on them?

Adam D. Jones is an author and something a crime-solver himself, having recently found his phone by looking under his cat.

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