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Shadowhunters: Bound by Blood

“You always told me to read the fine print. Well, I guess now I know why.”

This week on Shadowhunters Behaving Badly... Clary is punished for forgetting about Madzie, Izzy and Raphael conflate addiction with love, and once again Alec loses his temper with just about everyone.

Clary knows what a monster her father is. So, it’s surprising that someone with a heart as big as hers would forget about the little girl in his clutches. Apparently, her infatuation with Simon has clouded her memory. It’s okay. Having your skin burn away is a not-so-subtle reminder.

Jace and Simon may not like each other, but they acknowledge how much each of them cares for Clary. And her impending death brings them together in the only storyline where our heroes aren’t complete numbskulls (does anyone even say that anymore). This is not to say they are without conflict.

Clary faces her own mortality and the realization that her death may be a good thing. She would rather die than be complicit in destroying the Downworld. Which is why she begs Simon and Jace to either kill her or let her die rather than let Valentine get his hands on her.

Their responses are completely within character: Simon’s straight up refusal and Jace’s promise to honor her wishes. I wonder if he made the promise never believing he'd have to keep it or would have kept that promise if he’d had a choice?

Rafael and Isabelle’s cooking lesson may have romantic overtones, but their relationship was founded in her need for yin fen and his growing desire for Shadowhunter blood. This, if nothing else, makes his comparison of Izzy and him to Magnus and Alec’s relationship ludicrous.

And what of Alec? He’s known there was something was up with Isabelle for a while, though he has no idea what or why. True to form, his frustration spills over everyone around him, including Magnus, who told Alec the truth as soon as he realized what was going on. Alec’s concern for his sister is commendable, but it’s not up to him how Izzy lives her life. Even when she makes poor choices. On the plus side, it eventually leads to putting Aldertree in his place.

After all, Aldertree is the real villain of this storyline. Lest we forget, he deliberately got Isabelle hooked on painkillers by telling her it would heal the venom infection she never had. Which is why he was surprised (and possibly disappointed?) that she could have weaned herself off of the drug. Since it looks like he finally wanted a quo for his quid. What a sleazeball. As much as I hate to admit it, he’s a good-looking man. Surely he doesn’t need to get women addicted to drugs in order to go out with him.

The Shadowhunters aren’t the only ones behaving badly, though the Downworld’s actions are more justified. It may conflict with the Heroes Handbook™, but I can understand Maia’s decision to beg for forgiveness rather than ask permission. She knew Luke would never agree to kill Clary even at the expense of the entire Downworld. More proof that Luke puts Shadowhunters, particularly Clary, before his pack.

It should be noted, Luke was a Shadowhunter before he became a Downworlder. Old habits (and possibly a good dose of brainwashing) die hard. That said, he didn’t need to match Maia’s poor judgment with his own. This may not have been attempted murder, but it certainly falls under the heading of cruel and unusual punishment. Why would he lock a claustrophobic person in a tiny storeroom when, If I’m not mistaken, there’s a much larger cage on the premises where they locked Simon up last season?

But Clary’s secret is out. The Seelies have done the math and came to the same conclusion as Maia. The needs of the many yada yada yada. And regardless of his feelings for Izzy, Raphael is along for the ride.

Meanwhile, Valentine still believes he’s fulfilling the true purpose of both the soul-sword and Shadowhunters as a whole by killing anything tainted with demon blood. At least he’s consistent, but the last time I checked, that would include both Jace and him. Or has he found some loophole?

Valentine has gone back to covering up his hijinks with diversions which might have worked if not for his Alec’s mini coup. That leaves us with a stalemate. Iris’ blood oath has been satisfied and Clary rescued from Valentine’s clutches. But Poor Simon has been kidnapped again. Can we say bait, anyone?

We’ve had a string of well-crafted shows in a row. Looks like they’ve finally found their groove.

4 out of 5 La Chair Brulee curses.

Parting thoughts:

Valentine actually admitted regret over Jocelyn’s death. I almost believe him.

While we’re on the subject, Valentine betrayed his Parabatai, experimented on his children, and is responsible for countless deaths. So, why do his lies to Madzie feel worse?

The mention of an assignment to Wrangle Island as a punishment is straight out of the books.


Simon: “It’s okay, I got you.”

Jace: “What the hell are you doing? Know what? Don’t answer that.”

Magnus: “Magic can’t create fears. Only bring them out.”

Magnus: “Don’t you people have phones?"

Jace: “Nice form.”
Clary: “Five summers at Camp Winnipesaukee.”

Maia: “She has to die.”

Jace: “Just try to keep up.”
Simon: “Who does he think is driving?”

Luke: “Well, it’s good to see you.”
Meilorn: “I’d say the same, but sadly, I’m incapable of lying.”

Rafael: “If Clary has to die to protect our people, so be it.”

Clary: “If I’m gonna die, it’s not gonna be in this van.”

Jace: “How fatherly. I didn’t know you had it in you.”

Valentine: “You couldn’t kill your falcon when you were a boy and you can’t kill your sister now.”

Jace: “Couldn’t have saved her without you.”
Simon: “Obviously.”

Alec: “Look, I don’t have time to argue. Either help me or get out of the way.”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, the supernatural, and anything with a cape.

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