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Forever Knight: Forward Into the Past

"Some friendships are deeper than others, you trust your soul to them."

This one has a really cool title, but it's probably the most boring episode of the show.

"Forward Into the Past" opens with an senior citizen being tortured. Honestly, I can't handle that. I don't mind violence, but that's going too far.

Long story short, an old friend of Nick's is in trouble, and he needs to find proof that the killer is one of Toronto's richest and most popular philanthropists.

But what really happens is Nick and other people talk about things that once happened and expect me to remember it. I have never followed the plot because I can't keep track of all the names and off-screen events. It's like reading Tolkien while drunk.

There is a redeeming aspect of this episode, and that's the one-scene wonder known as Aristotle, the vampire who helps other vampires find new identities. He's a fascinating character who never returns, but shows up in the novels and fan fics. Aristotle is just too interesting to forget, since he's one of the only peeks we get under the hood of modern vampire lives.


Nick has long conversations with the wife of a dead businessman. Only he remembers all the details, so in the present he has no evidence for his case, just his memories.

Little Bites:

-Having the CEO's widow run the company from a distance without ever being at the office or attending a meeting... just makes no sense.

-Nick can't open the garage door until he vamps out and his eyes change. This is abnormal, as if the writers thought it was like Teen Wolf, where he's a weak mortal until he changes form.

Final Analysis: After several viewings, I have no idea what happens in this episode. One out of five whatevers.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and undefeated cat wrestler.

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