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Forever Knight: Capital Offense

"A vampire against the death penalty? Yeah, that's rich."

A woman on death row has 24 hours to escape her fate, and Nick is determined to help.

This episode had a promising premise, but it quickly falls into the same trap as last week's episode. After a few scenes of Laura explaining her predicament I find myself completely lost. I would have to pause and take notes to have any chance of understanding her backstory well enough to know what's going on when the other Texans show up.

By the time it's done, I can't tell you what she was up to. Who killed who, back in Texas? And why did Nick leave a convicted murderer in his convertible (with the top down) without more than one cop to guard her?

The bigger problem is that the plot has nothing to do with vampires. There are a billion episodes of Law & Order just like this. We're here for the sexy, blood-draining immortals.


It's darkly fun to watch La Croix talk about killing an entire nunnery just to irritate Nick, but otherwise this flashback is forgettable. There's some theme of Nick trusting people too much, but I don't think over-trusting is the problem with the Laura Garfield story. It's just plain dumb to put a convicted killer on a long leash.

Final Analysis: Better than last week, but falls on the same ineffective backstory techniques, and Nick's investigation is unaffected by the fact that he's a vampire. Two out of five bad accents.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and undefeated cat wrestler. He is also something of a Texas renegade himself, having quietly shifted his allegiance from Whataburger to In-N-Out.


  1. According to Wikipedia, there are currently 50 women on death row in the US. They've been there for periods ranging from 15 months to 34 years. Seven are in Texas.

    1. Texans are only about 9% of the total population of the US, so that figure (14% of female death row inmates) is disproportionate.

      I don't know enough about Texas to make sense of it.

  2. Watching Nick playing the piano reminded me that in Interview With the Vampire, vampires are not creative.
    Is Nick painting and playing piano a sign of humanity? Or am I forgetting other creative / artistic vampires in Forever Knight?


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