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Forever Knight: Hunted

"Well well, a vampire with a conscience. No wonder you're losing."

This week's killer just might be a match for Nick Knight.

After some lackluster episodes, Forever Knight is back at what it does best.

Our Killer of the Week creates a perfect storm for Nick by learning his secret and forcing him to stop her without exposing himself. And this time there's no tedious backstory for us to keep up with. The plot unfolds before our eyes, which is a welcome change from the last two episodes.

Nick's not having any easy time keeping his secret this week, because the hunter is having a blast throwing holy water grenades and plugging him with garlic bullets while taunting Schanke with her knowledge.

But Nick's been around the block, and he knows how to be clever and size up his opponent. The Hunter is armed with vampire lore and everything a vampire is supposed to be afraid of, but she doesn't know that a vampire as old as Nick has a few tricks up his sleeve. After 800 years, what's a bit of sunlight?


It's nice to see Nick being an unrepentant, violent vampire for once. He shows his gift for outsmarting people when he figures out the old hunter's ruse and catches him trying to sneak away. La Croix, for all his bravado, is more of a bludgeoner, while Nick is the crafty one.

Little Bites:

-Vampire Lore: Garlic bullets hurt vampires. Holy water balloons do, too. But what's not obvious is Nick's resistance to sunlight, which has been discussed in previous episodes. The hunter didn't count on that.

-Familiar faces: the hunter is played by Gwynyth Walsh, who plays one of the recurring female Klingons in the Star Trek universe.

-Fashion Police: It's not clear what's wrong with Schanke's outfit. He wears a lot of tacky stuff.

-This episode was directed by Allan Kroeker, who directed the pilot as well as a lot of the best episodes. He's done a lot of directing on several popular shows, including the final episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Final Analysis: Exciting and interesting all the way through. Five out of five voice modulators.

Adam D. Jones is an author, historian, and undefeated cat wrestler. He's also something of a sport hunter himself, having recently killed several very big dragons in Skyrim while his wife applauded from the other room.

1 comment:

  1. Love Janette's attitude at the start of the flashback to LaCroix dragging her out into the countryside. I don't think she's a hunter type, she much prefers running a nightclub.

    The camera angles seem completely out of control now. When kidnapped Schanke found himself in Gwynyth Walsh's lair, I thought that the Dutch angle meant she was a vampire too? But no, just random.

    Another example of Nick being crafty is when he first comes face to face with Gwynyth Walsh and can't get near her because of sunlight, he tries vampire compulsion which almost works.


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