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Forever Knight: Baby, Baby

"Serena... I thought it was you. Why didn't you run?"
"Because I knew it was you."

Once again, a ghost from Nick's past drags one of his old mistakes into the spotlight.

Serena is pissed. Has anyone ever been so mad at Nick? It's been a long time, and she hasn't relented a bit. La Croix acts like Nick is the only vampire who hates being one, but Serena reminds us that he's not alone. Not everyone is excited about eternal life in the darkness, living as a monster. And Serena only has one person to blame: Nick.

But she's found what Nick has been looking for, a secret cure for vampirism. The show does a good job of blending science and the supernatural when the super manly man required to fulfill the prophesy turns out to (possibly) be a man with a double Y chromosome, a real-life medical condition that sometimes comes with learning disabilities and behavioral problems.

I've known a few people who were incredibly focused on babies. Sure, lots of people like babies, but every now and then you'll meet someone whose mind seems to be constantly obsessed with those little Michelin men. Serena happens to be one of these people, which explains why she's unhappy about what happened when she met Nick...


I'm honestly not surprised things didn't go well between these two. Serena explained herself to Nick about as well as I can order food in Japan. She said she knew about Nick being a person of the night and that she wanted eternal life. Nick blames himself, but the communication breakdown is astounding. Fate has never handed anyone such a ridiculous misunderstanding. If Serena had just been a little more specific, she wouldn't be in this mess.

Little Bites:

-Serena says she dresses in a tux to avoid men. Then sits by Nick, buys him a drink, and seduces him. I'm just saying there might be mixed signals here.

-It's hard to understand the prophecy. Something about the "highest of high." Did she assume any high place would work? Or is the CN tower special? At the time, it was the world's tallest freestanding structure, a fact Canadians were proud of. While its role in the prophecy is hard to understand, we realize by the end that it doesn't matter. Serena was desperate.

-My wife and I walked on top of the CN tower and couldn't stop quoting this episode. If you want to watch, here's me being very, very scared:

-La Croix loves this whole setup where Nick has to go visit him to learn things. "Could it be that you're finally beginning to appreciate my wisdom?" He takes his sweet time giving Nick information, loving every moment of being needed. He also is well aware he's been hiding this particular legend from Nick.

-Trilling, the boyfriend, is so horny, he very quickly gets over the fact that he somehow found himself at the top of the CN tower. It must be freezing up there for a mortal.

Final Analysis: Enjoyable story and interesting speculation on chromosomal anomalies, but the flashback leaves me scratching my head. Four out of five drapery earrings.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and undefeated cat wrestler. He is also something of an aggressive male himself, having recently only spent half an hour prepping for a phone call to the pizza place.


  1. Nigel Bennett as LaCroix has some great lines: "Legends don't give zip codes."

    Nice contrast in that this episode shows Nick being a jerk to foil Serena just as LaCroix was doing to him in earlier episodes.

    I thought the direction was interesting and unusual for Forever Knight. Upward camera angles for LaCroix in Nick's apartment. Cuts with one character finishing the action of another, eg between Janette and Nick to Serena and Nick. LaCroix sitting in Nick's car, then being revealed as just an imaginary presence.

    Lots to like in this episode, but as you say, it hinges on flashback Serena not noticing that a vampire is biting her neck and feeding her blood instead of sex.

  2. The part where he bites her really does raise questions. What did she think was going on? Which part of being turned into a vampire resembled making a baby?

  3. "Serena says she dresses in a tux to avoid men. Then sits by Nick, buys him a drink, and seduces him. I'm just saying there might be mixed signals here."
    Hehehe... well the idea I guess is that she wants to be the one to pick instead of waiting around to be picked. Women in the end are supposed to be the choosers anyway, right?
    I wanted to like her but like you pointed out that was an astounding case of miscommunication, and the way she singularly piled the guilt onto Nick really put me off. That's been a recurring problem for me in regards to this show, though a minor one.
    "It must be freezing up there for a mortal."
    Y-you mean a FELLOW mortal, right mister?


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