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Forever Knight: Near Death

"Naturally induced hallucinations, that's all! These people are kidding themselves."

And you thought the last episode was weird!

Well, it was. But so is this one. We're really diving deep into the mystical world of vampires, and it's WTF all the way down.

Remember the movie Flatliners? No? Am I the only person who remembers 90s B-movies around here?

Well, if you were as cool as me you'd know that Flatliners is about some doctors who kill people and bring them back to see if they can create a near death experience, or maybe steal a glance into the afterlife.

This episode uses the word "Flatliners" in a way that's probably supposed to be a clever nod to the movie, and maybe a little admission that they are borrowing the plot. But it's a neat idea to apply the practice to a vampire...

Flashbacks Spiritual Visions:

Season two is very creative. Instead of flashbacks, Nick travels to a place in between life and death, where he learns that he's not done making up for his sins. To move on from this life would take him straight to hell.

The imagery here is fascinating, and it's always bizarre seeing Nick outside during the day.

Little Bites:

-Vampire Lore: When brought across, vampires have a choice. They can follow the light to the afterlife, or live forever as a vampire. Apparently they tend to choose being a vampire.

-Fashion police: Nick's sporting a mullet that would be outstanding if he were on a Canadian hockey team.

-Familiar Faces: Amanda Tapping is very well known for her role on Stargate, but she's also done some very respectable directing.

Final Analysis: It's always fun to explore vampirism, so I'll give this ambitious episode five out of five brain jars.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and undefeated cat wrestler. He's also something of a near-death survivor himself, having recently put a collar on his anxiety-ridden cat.

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