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Forever Knight: Blind Faith

"Sparky is a fine name. You didn't have a cat named Fluffy, did you?"

A renegade vampire is rolling over, fetching, and cleaning up the streets.

Not every vampire is compelled to take human blood. The carouche is the result of a vampire feeding on something other than a human right after their conversion, and the result... apparently... can be a vampire dog.

And since dogs are pretty good animals, a vampire dog is a nice vigilante, eating anyone who threatens its owner. And since it ate a killer and a rapist, I guess there's really nothing wrong here. Move along. Nothing to see. Good dog.


Nick has a dog.

Little Bites:

-Sometime after escaping the sinking of the Titanic (which is a remarkable story we never get to know entirely), Nick also inspired a Sherlock Holmes story.

-Nick makes fun of Tracy for naming her dog "Sparky," but he named his dog "Sir Walter Raleigh," so I don't think he gets to pick on anyone about pet names.

-Watching the blind friend take off with her dog makes me wish there was a whole series about those two.

-The Forever Knight Wiki has an article about carouches. What a time to be alive.

Final Analysis: Hard to take this one seriously, but there's a lot of good interactions between Tracy and her sick friend, and some interesting vampire lore. Four out of five vampires hiding in bushes.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and undefeated cat wrestler. He is also something of a vigilante himself, having recently placed a sticker over a misplaced apostrophe on a sign.


  1. Have to say, I'm much more "meh" about this episode and would give it only two or three stars. Forever Knight isn't a show with a lot of continuity, but the new vampire lore just doesn't work for me.
    The "carouches" makes me think that someone had just discovered Vampire: the Masquerade (the tabletop RPG, not a computer) and wanted to add clans/bloodlines to the show.
    Previous episodes have established, more than once, that vampires aren't created by just being bitten and having some blood drained. Has to be some reverse blood flow, the creator feeding blood to the prospective new vampire. In this episode both the dog and the blind Jody are turned into vampires after one bite.
    Yeah I'm being picky, but being turned or not has been a big deal in previous episodes. (Eg Natalie in A More Permanent Hell demanding to be turned, not just fed upon.)

    1. You're not being picky. The show is very inconsistent about how vampires are made. The problem is that episodes sometimes take the method very seriously, so it's baffling when that method is vastly different. Sometimes making a vampire is hours of hard work, and sometimes vampires are created by accident. This can make the show hard to watch.


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