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Forever Knight: My Boyfriend is a Vampire

"What if it is a vampire? How do I explain something like that? People will think I was nuts, Nick especially. He is such a skeptic."

When a daytime TV show investigates a vampire-related death, Nick and Tracy find their personal lives getting complicated.

This is a fun one for the fans, because the host of the daytime TV show is Geordi Johnson, who starred in a hysterically corny sitcom called Dracula: The Series as... Dracula.

Please watch this:

And that's not all! His assistant was a vampire with a flair for Shakespeare... and he was played by none other than Geraint Wyn Davies! It's a vampire reunion!

I haven't watched daytime TV since about the time this show aired, but this is exactly what it was like. They would interview people claiming to have had stupidly dramatic sex lives while the audience catcalled and hollered. Mind you, we only got two channels in the country when I was growing up, so entertainment was slim pickings.

It was always obvious the show and the guests were full of baloney, just like this one.

The idea of dating a vampire makes life difficult between Nick and Natalie. She thinks he's using her. It's easy to see why she feels that way, since she's putting everything into the friendship and getting nothing.


Vachon, Screed, and some other vampires roll in the hay with a few ladies and then eat them.

Little Bites:

-Fashion Police: I have no idea what they were trying to do with Tracy's outfit.

-Meanwhile, Tracy and Vachon are a lot of fun together, and are probably the best part of this season.

-I'm not sure what exactly Vachon was sad about in The Raven. He seems like a nice vampire. Is he really sad that he can't rape and kill women at leisure?

-La Croix laments that Nick used to be more fun. We've seen the flashbacks. He wasn't.

Final Analysis: Tracy and Vachon are worth the price of admission, but the flashback is messed up. Four out of five tubes of white lipstick.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and undefeated cat wrestler.

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