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Forever Knight: Hearts of Darkness

"Let us peel back the layers, let us strip away the last vestiges of decorum and civility and reveal our inner selves. Oui, mes amis, it's amateur night at the Raven, and tonight our amateurs will reveal their inner selves by getting naked."

When a vampire-related case doesn't add up, Nick and Natalie discover a vampire unlike anything they've seen before.

In case you forgot this was the USA network which gave us Silk Stalkings, we open this week with amateur strippers. As Vachon puts it, "If she's an amateur, I'm a vegetarian."

The display brings up bad memories for Urs, a new character on our show, who apparently never wanted to be a vampire. Vachon brought her across, and they maintain a friendship somehow. Vachon has "big brother" vibes over her in this episode.

The meat of this one is Ellen, the stripper at night who's more of a withdrawn Ravenclaw during the day. Seems like a good ol' case of television multiple personality disorder... but the joke's on us. There's a third personality in there, and this one's a vampire!


Urs doesn't want to be a man's punching bag, so she asks Vachon to kill her. Instead, he brings her across so she can be a badass. He had no right to choose that for her. Then again, he obviously didn't want to kill her. So many tough decisions when you're a vampire.

Little Bites:

-Vampire Lore: If one of Ellen's personalities is a vampire and the others aren't... then vampirism is all the mind and not that RNA sequence Natalie saw under the microscope once. This is pretty inconsistent with the rest of the show.

-Krista Bridges, who plays Ellen, does a dynamite job portraying her different personalities.

-Does Urs seem like a good addition to Forever Knight? I hate to spoil your fun, but she's only in four episodes. And this is the second one.

Final Analysis: Fun idea, but too much pandering to adolescents and the mpd thing just doesn't make sense. Two out of five bedroom harnesses.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and undefeated cat wrestler.


  1. A very frustrating episode, because there's so many good story ideas and performances, but the fragments just don't add up.
    For me the two central characters are Urs and Ellen, and both are fantastic. Nick is hunting a vampire, and Tracy is hunting a vampire but doesn't want Nick to know. The flashbacks are all Vachon and Urs, not Nick. Natalie does her part in the investigation, and even the captain has a moment.
    And then the whole thing is ruined by extended hottub scenes and lack of continuity with the rest of the show.

    1. I think you also described most of season 3. We have some good ideas, but they are always interrupted by really bad ideas.

  2. Yeah Krista Bridges was excellent, and looks disarmingly good for how skinny she was there.
    I really liked Natalie's second scene with Nick, where she measured his canines. It just felt really lively somehow and I could suddenly see the lingering romantic tension from Natalie that I've never really felt before. It's pretty hot, especially when it remains just subtext to the end of the scene.


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