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Forever Knight: Trophy Girl

"You've killed many times, don't deny it. You've seen death in all its glory and you've been drawn to it. It compels you in ways that shock you, frighten you and thrill you. And they gave you a badge?"

Our Killer of the Week is collecting body parts, and to stop him Nick and Tracy diverge on separate, risky paths.

Tracy should be taking time off, but since she'd rather catch a bad guy she gets hired by an escort service to find out who's been dismembering prostitutes.

But Nick has another, less original idea. The killer appears to be a copycat, so he talks to the original, a dismembering serial killer stored behind plexiglass.

Both of them arrive at the same place, so I guess their bifurcated approach worked, but surely Tracy should have taken the time off. No one should try and shrug off a shooting like that.


La Croix is obsessed with a woman and wants to bring her across... but only as a trophy he can have forever.

Little Bites:

-The part where Nick meets with a sicko killer feels a little too ripped off from Silence of the Lambs.

-Vachon likes to pretend he's just a layabout, but he snaps into protective mode when his friends are in danger. Even when they don't ask. In fact, it gets people annoyed with him, which just sends him back down the brooding path.

Final Analysis: It's disappointing to see the show using a famous movie's plot and to see Tracy being helpless and making poor decisions. One out of five unsafe electrical panels.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, medievalist, and undefeated cat wrestler.

1 comment:

  1. Lol I've been listening to the Silence of the Lambs audiobook in my downtime so I found the coincidence kind of amusing. But yeah it was pretty tepid, even with the extra Rosebud angle. And a bad look for Tracy getting kidnapped right after trying to assert herself. But that was kind of funny too, along with the surgeon guy admitting he'd kill her if she screamed in the room because he really hates headaches. Almost relatable!
    Now, as comical as the head in the jar look it actually spooked me. It's like, in a certain light, goofily exaggerated facial features actually adds to the scare factor for me. There's something similar in David Lynch's "Inland Empire" (I actually just spooked myself just now because that damn face pops up if you just google the movie title lol..)


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