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Forever Knight: Outside the Lines

"You and Nick play by the rules and get eaten up. Maybe what I do is outside the law, but... justice."

Tracy's cop friend is very comfortable crossing ethical lines, and Nick doesn't like it at all.

This week's episode is a police procedural and not really a vampire story. That's a no-no.

Our guest star, Callum Keith Rennie, is an outstanding actor who gives the role exactly the grey area it needs. Being undercover is different. You don't get to play by the book. It's dangerous and scary, and you do whatever is necessary to survive. But how can you tell when you've gone too far?

Of course, Nick really hates this. He has no reason to be following the law, since he's a vampire, but he does anyway. He won't even cheat on his taxes. He's deliberately lowered himself to that level as a personal rule for himself, and he can't stand seeing someone flaunt those laws.


Nick's helping out the French Resistance. He's all over the map in this part of history. Around the same time he's a professor during the Red Scare. He'll be helping people escape the Berlin wall soon, and we may or may not find out that he's crossed paths with Nazis before WWII.

In the Resistance, Nick learned it's not easy to decide who lives and dies. I think he's learned that before, centuries earlier, in fact.

Little Bites:

-Captain Reese is really upset at someone counterfeiting hockey cards, but mostly because it's pathetic.

-Tracy talks sense into Bruce. Must have been difficult for her since she respects him so much. That's a good scene.

-Callum Keith Rennie is this week's guest star. He's done a ton of work, always delivering a strong performance in shows like The Man in High Castle, Battlestar Galactica, and The Umbrella Academy. Of course, I know him as Ray Kowalski from my other favorite 90s Canadian cop show: Due South.

Final Analysis: Strong performances and a good story arc for Tracy, but not a lot of vampires. Three out of five Canadian accents.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and undefeated cat wrestler. He's also something of an undercover investigator himself, having recently waited behind the door until the Amazon guy walked away before grabbing his package, completely undetected.

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