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Star Trek Discovery: Lagrange Point

Let’s do this.

A Lagrange Point is when a smaller object is held in a particular position by the gravitational pull of two larger masses. Or, given the events of this episode, it could also be interpreted as the location between a rock and a hard place.

The most obvious object in this scenario is the container for the Progenitors technology. It is discovered at the Lagrange Point between two black holes only to find itself in a metaphorical Lagrange Point between the Discovery and Moll’s Dreadnought. One could also make the argument that the Discovery may soon be considered such an object when Tahal’s fleet arrives. And the same could be said of Moll’s Dreadnought should the Federation ships appear. Though I’m not sure that either of those can be considered stable positions.

Saru and T’Rina’s commitment to the Federation versus their commitment to each other is a subtler version of this. Is it strange that I found their incorrect assumptions that the other would put their love for each other ahead of their duty romantic? It’s almost as if their dedication to their jobs proves what a perfect fit they are for each other.

I could continue to beat this metaphor like a dead horse, but I’ll spare you. Since this is the penultimate episode there are many other conflicts coming to a head in addition to the ones mentioned above. However, there were also a few resolutions peppered throughout the episode as well.

It would seem that Michael and Book are on the same path as Saru and T’Rina even if they haven’t traveled as far. I’m glad they finally had their moment. But did Michael have to wait until, as Book said, on a Breen infested ship? Really? That scene could have just as easily have taken place on the Discovery during the “ten minutes” Michael gave 'til departure. I understand the writer’s desire to make that a turning point. Prior to that, they weren’t communicating well and after that they seemed able to intuit each other’s thoughts. But it wasn’t the best reflection of Michael’s judgement since it could have put the mission at risk.

A better use of that type of turning point was Rayner and the Captain’s chair. One, because it’s been an ongoing thing for the entire season. They just chose to hang a lantern on it in this episode. Two, his choice to sit or not sit had no measurable impact on his job beyond serving as a curiosity for the crew.

Rayner’s also showed his good judgement by making Tilly his Number One. Her empathetic nature definitely complements his management style, but I’m a little surprised he realized it. Then again, I’m not sure I give Rayner enough credit. He was a successful captain for several years prior to the incident that led to his current position. He couldn’t have done that without being able to recognize the strengths of his crew or acknowledge at least some of his own weaknesses.

Speaking of Tilly, her minor subplot and Adira’s dovetailed as Michael sought Tilly’s advice as an instructor on Adira’s fitness for this mission. I have a feeling that was not the original plan for Tilly's storyline but it works well enough. They'd spent too much time on it to not offer up some resolution.

And Stamets really has mellowed over the years. He reacted as a father first. Not wanting his child to be placed in that much danger and then realizing a) that they were the best person for the job and b) that it was time for Adira to make that next step as both an individual and an officer. He’s come a long way.

Unfortunately, the ground this episode had to cover meant that Moll was reduced to one note. She’s smarter than this episode would make it appear. The good news is that she will have more of an opportunity to shine next week.

This season has sped by and I can’t believe we’ve reached the end of our journey with the Discovery. I generally suck at predictions, but I’ll make an exception just this once. I suspect that Moll and Michael will be forced to work together in order to recover the technology. L’ak will be resurrected. Rayner will have to confront Tahal and gain some measure of closure in the process. All culminating in Saru and T’Rina’s wedding. What do you all think?

4 out of 5 Captain’s Chairs

Parting Thoughts:

Billie, I told you Saru would be back by the end of the season!

Why wasn’t L’ak in the pattern buffer before now? I’d assumed he was being insulated from decomposition in some way but that appears not to be the case.

I respect the Federation’s holistic approach to management and service but the fact that Saru has an emotional attachment to the Discovery and her crew should not be a selling point to him being chosen for this mission. Does that make me Team T’Rina?


Saru: “Good luck, Michael. And stay safe.”
Michael: “Damn right I will. I got a wedding to go to when this is all over.”

Jemison: “Drinks on me tonight.”
Asha: “It’s tonight somewhere. Do we have to wait?”

Rhys: “I thought it’d be bigger.”

Michael: “Build the shape of the one between the many.”
Tilly: “That’s... cryptic.”

Moll: “Your Scion will reward your service.”

Stamets: “I’m proud of you. Also nervous, very nervous.”

Rhys: “He’s the lowest ranking soldier. That’s our mark.”
Adira: “Everyone always picks on the ensign.”

Rayner: “You’re smart as hell. You’re a good leader and if we were in a foxhole together, I wouldn’t kill you. That is, unless you gave me more of that warm and fuzzy encouragement that I don’t need.”

Moll: “I thought your guards were better trained than that.”
Arisar: “They are.”

Saru: “Vulcans are not the only species capable of choosing logic and duty over emotion.”

T’Rina: “It would be illogical to ask that you promise to return. So, instead, I will only ask that you try.”

Rayner: “Nothing grabs the attention like an unwelcome guest.”

Moll: “Not so dead after all.”

Culber: “You actually think it’ll work?”
Stamets: “Math doesn’t lie.”

Tilly: “Oh, holy schnoodle.”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, the supernatural, and anything with a cape.


  1. I’m caught up on season 5 of Raiders of the Lost Trek, er, Discovery, and looking forward to the finale. Discovery was never my favorite of the Trek series but it was enjoyable enough and was willing to go to some interesting places with the story - for good and for bad.

    I did appreciate that in season 5 they leaned into the 32nd century technology - my trek looked futuristic, this trek looks like wizardry, and that makes sense. Also really feel that every core character has really found their groove this season, not a lot of wasted scenes this season.

    I also liked seeing them dig into cultures we haven’t seen much of before, like the Trill and the Breen. Of course this is the futuristic version of them, but still fun.

    Lastly, and I really hope I don’t jinx this with one episode to go, but is Admiral Vance the first starfleet admiral in the history of all Trek that is not narcissistic, power hungry, xenophobic to a specific race or being, etc.? I used to joke with other Trek fans that based on the Admirals we get to meet, it’s just sheer luck the Federation ever survived. So with Discovery heading off into the sunset, let’s all raise a glass to Admiral Vance, truly one of the good guys!

  2. I don't know why, but it just seemed like dressing up in Breen costumes was the answer to infiltrating the Breen ship. But why wouldn't it be?

    I think my favorite part of this one was the ultimate answer to technobabble: "Science later! Problem now!"

    And Shari, yes, Saru had to be back.

    I can't believe there's only one more to go.


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