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Forever Knight: Francesca

"You said the blood was being collected, right? From a poet? You can always find a market for a special vintage. Poet... musician... even an actor brings a premium if you have the right customer."

Reincarnation creates interesting ideas for a show about long-lived vampires.

Our Killer of the Week doesn't even know he's killing people. A past life has reared its ugly head and turns him into a vampire (among other things) when it takes over.


Honestly, Francesca is a fun vampire. She is wickedly evil and loves to drink blood from a chalice at her lavish parties. La Croix is enchanted by her way of life, but Nick is just disgusted.

Before the episode closes, we see that Tracy is there, in the past, at Francesca's party. This must be one of her past lives. The shrink told her that her subconscious might be trying to tell her something, but it's not clear what this means.

Little Bites:

-Vampire lore: we are told that each person's talents make the blood taste special. -The shrink is trying to connect the patient to his past life through hypnosis (there's a lot going on here). She puts him under and he describes a previous life. But she doesn't share the tapes with him. I'm not sure why since this is supposed to be therapy. What exactly is he paying for?

-The killer's transformation into Francesca is stunning to watch. He's not just turning into a vampire, he's turning into a woman.

-His reaction to the Nightcrawler's radio show is also pretty cool. This person driving the car, whoever it is (can Francesca drive?) has no idea what's going on.

Final Analysis: I love watching Francesca's hedonism, but this one doesn't really make a lot of sense. Three out of five lipstick kisses.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and undefeated cat wrestler. In a past life he believes he was an introverted sloth.


  1. I like this one. It got weird, in the good way that transfixes me

  2. I rate this episode higher, one of the best in season 3. Good performances all round, the flashback ties to the present day, it's all about vampires. A real shame it is so late in the season.

    I like Nick explaining to Natalie how vampires taste the feelings of their victims, a great scene and a piece of vampire lore that would have been really interesting to build upon if they'd introduced it oh twenty episodes ago.

    The reincarnation is a bit strange, but it's season 3 where the supernatural is strongly featured and it doesn't clash with the other episodes too much. I think it was a bit much to have Tracy being a reincarnation as well though.


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