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This Week: His Face is Made of Rubber

Outside of my weekly watching of Interview with the Vampire and Doctor Who (both so so good!!!), I have been fully immersed in shark movies. I’m having a ton of fun with them, but it also makes me boring.

What’s everyone else watching?

Morella: Mostly video games right now; I finished Tiny Terry's Turbo Trip, lots of Cube Chaos, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, V Rising, and Slay the Spire as well.

I do need to catch up on my animated classic Doctor Who discs that I'm behind on, and rewatch Them! so I can write the review of that one soon.

Victoria Grossack: I'm still watching Psych, which has grown on me. They admit in the introductory song that they are full of it, and the character development has some serious holes, and don't get me started on police procedure! On the other hand, the mysteries are tremendous fun. As there are eight seasons and I am only on season three, this indulgence may last a while.

Mark Greig: I got an Apple TV free for a few months and decided try out some shows there, namely Monarch: Legacy of Monsters and Silo. Not a fan of the Monsterverse so didn't think I'd like a show about the backstory of the secret agency in those films, mainly watched it for Anna Sawai and Kurt Russell, but it turned out to be the best thing this shared universe has produced so far. Currently two and half episodes into Silo and just not feeling it, but can't really pinpoint why.

Billie Doux: I read all of the Silo books a few years ago so I tried the first episode on Apple awhile back. I had much the same reaction, Mark – I just wasn't feeling it.

I'm also not feeling Interview with the Vampire. Sam Reid is a terrific Lestat and the production is amazing, but this might be a situation where I'm just too married to the original books. Every major change feels so jarring that I can't get past them to the story. It just feels wrong. But seriously – that's just me.

Juliette: Thank you to whoever mentioned Dead Boy Detectives the other week! :) I’m only a little way into episode one but I LOVE it, it is my perfect show 😆 xxx

Billie Doux: I do believe that was Mikey. :)

Juliette: Thank you Mikey! :)

Billie Doux: And in that spirit, Victoria, I gave Resident Alien another try because you recommended it and now I'm into it. Alan Tudyk is pretty amazing. It's like his face is made of rubber.

Victoria Grossack: Oh, good. Even my husband likes Resident Alien, and our tastes don't always overlap. We're currently in Europe and can't get to the later seasons, but he was so interested he asked me to look up and to report what happens in them. And yes, Tudyk's acting is just phenomenal in the show.

So what are you guys watching?


  1. I have since watched Them! and the Abominable Snowman (1957). I was delayed on watching Them since I thought the disc was damaged as Power DVD wouldn't play it, but all other Blu-rays I tried were fine, so since it's less than 15 bucks, and I wanted to order a couple other movies anyway, I got it again and it did the same thing! I ended up trying my old free but very laggy controlled blu-ray software and it played fine. What a mess!

  2. I'm so sorry I missed this discussion! I was out of town for a few days and more or less unplugged. You're very welcome for the Dead Boy Detectives recommendation! I love it so much. No word yet on if it's likely to get a season two renewal, but Netflix is always Netflix about these things.

  3. I missed this discussion too, but my re-watch kick continues! It has finally led me back to the OG: Buffy. Buffy led me to Supernatural, which led me to Doux Reviews, and I'm excited to rewatch the series while reading the reviews and comments on this site. I'm only a few episodes in (just watched "Angel", which still slays), but I'm considering buying the DVDs so that I listen to the commentary. I'm also relieved that my feelings about Joss haven't lessened my appreciation for the show (so far, anyway).

    1. Mothra, the commentaries are really great. They might be some of the best I've listened to.

  4. Besides my perpetual rewatch of Big Bang Theory, a show which is in my spot, I'm only watching 2 shows:

    Dark Matter (ATV+) - Fringe had a few episodes that took a shot at a "same character in different universes" story, but DM takes this to a whole new level. Reminds me of Dostoyevsky's "The Double". One of the best shows I've seen in a while. Highly recommended.

    Outer Range (AMZ) - any one else watching this strange loopy show (now in S02)? It's a descendant of Twin Peaks with the same mix of offbeat humor (I think) and serious drama. Half cowboy show and half Sci-fi. Sometimes I'm not sure if the humor is due to intent or ineptness, but if it makes you laugh and have fun watching, then what the heck?
    Josh Brolin, Imogen Poots, and Lili Taylor are excellent. Josh plays a stock issue ranch owner patriarch, and spends 80% of his acting time staring off into space in stony silence. If he smiled his face would break like a dropped vase. Imogen is the "hippie chick" with a hidden agenda. Lily Taylor is the ranch wife who deals with family issues while Josh's character deals with what I won't spoiler. Tamara Podemski plays the Indian sheriff, in perhaps a nod to TP. Will Patton is the rival rancher and chews scenery like Shatner.
    Recommend watching the 1st 2 eps of S01. If you get to Josh's dinner prayer at the end of second ep and find yourself laughing maniacally, this show is for you, Otherwise maybe pass.

  5. Has anyone seen this week's episode of The Acolyte yet?

    Because OH MY GOD.

    If you haven't started watching, DO IT. The pacing is weird and really will benefit from a binge watch, but OH MY GOD THIS EPISODE FIVE. My heart is in my throat and I'm screaming at everything.

    That is all.

  6. Interview with the Vampire has also been officially renewed for Season 3! Looks like they're adapting Lestat's book for it. And apparently, he's joining a band and going on tour? Reddit is very excited for Rockstar Lestat.


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