An Interview with Jeff Toobin

Late in the spring, I had the pleasure of talking to Jeff Toobin, author of The Run of His Life, the source material for the Emmys® Award winning TV series, The People v. O.J. Simpson. We talked about his collaboration with filmmakers Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander, as well as how a law degree has helped him as a writer. We touched on what it's like to consult on a piece of film that is dramatized non-fiction. There was even a mention of coming into one's genetic destiny!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Meet the New Boss

“You wanna save my soul? I’m telling you, girl, I sold mine.”

Raise your hand if you want to slap Leo Fitz.

The Good Place: Pilot

“What the fork?”

Fans of Michael Schur’s heartfelt quirk, Kristen Bell’s deadpan glow, and Ted Danson’s comic sprezzatura will love this high-concept sitcom about a young woman who winds up in a heaven(ish) place despite being a terrible person.

Gotham: Burn The Witch

With Gotham returning to our screen after what I'd label a "controversial" premiere it delivers an episode with some nice moments which still fails to hit all the right notes.

Fear the Walking Dead: Date of Death

The good news is that this was another fine episode. The bad news is that it was centered on the two characters I like the least.

Supergirl: Worlds Finest

"This is going to be fun."

What a delightful episode, and the beginning of a beautiful friendship (or a series of cross network crossovers). While I do have a few very minor quibbles, this was about as good as I hoped it would be.

The X-Files: First Person Shooter

Case: Gamers are dying inside a video game.

Destination: San Bernadino, CA.

'First Person Shooter' might be the worst episode of this entire series. All 202 episodes of it. Does that mean, then, that it doesn't deserve a proper recap? Oh, on the contrary, it deserves everything I'm going to thoughtfully lay out here in this review.

Gotham: Viper

A solid and well-executed installment which may be Gotham's first really good showing.

iZombie: Max Wager

“You gotta like those odds.”

‘Max Wager’ cleverly ties multiple investigations into an important chapter in one of this season’s biggest plots, a plot that just happens to involve a number of key characters in Liv’s life. Things are about to get really complicated.

Supergirl: Manhunter

"What was once a symbol of hope is now a symbol of fear."

The army breaks apart our team for questioning after Kara's Red Kryptonite experience continues to cause repercussions. It might be up to Lucy to save them all.