Arrested Development

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[Programming note: Our coverage of Arrested Development consists of half the fourth season.]

Arrested Development (2003-2006, 2013-?) is a comedy about a family that used to be rich, though most of them still live like before they lost it all, and the one son who tries to save them from ruin. Critically acclaimed since it started in 2001, it was never a ratings champion and it was canceled after its third season. But a devoted fanbase, which grew larger over the years with Netflix, managed to bring the show back seven years later. Now we can follow the Bluths and their wackiness again.

Season One

1.1 Pilot
1.2 Top Banana
1.3 Bringing Up Buster
1.4 Key Decisions
1.5 Charity Drive
1.6 Visiting Ours
1.7 In God We Trust
1.8 My Mother the Car
1.9 Storming the Castle
1.10 Pier Pressure
1.11 Public Relations
1.12 Marta Complex
1.13 Beef Consomme
1.14 Shock and Aww
1.15 Staff Infection
1.16 Altar Egos
1.17 Justice is Blind
1.18 Missing Kitty
1.19 Best Man for the Gob
1.20 Whistler's Mother
1.21 Not Without My Daughter
1.22 Let 'em Eat Cake

Season Two

2.1 The One Where Michael Leaves
2.2 The One Where They Build a House
2.3 Amigos
2.4 Good Grief!
2.5 Sad Sack
2.6 Afternoon Delight
2.7 Switch Hitter
2.8 Queen for a Day
2.9 Burning Love
2.10 Ready, Aim, Marry Me
2.11 Out on a Limb
2.12 Hand to God
2.13 Motherboy XXX
2.14 The Immaculate Election
2.15 Sword of Destiny
2.16 Meat the Veals
2.17 Spring Breakout
2.18 Righteous Brothers

Season Three

3.1 The Cabin Show
3.2 For British Eyes Only
3.3 Forget Me Now
3.4 Notapusy
3.5 Mr. F
3.6 The Ocean Walker
3.7 Prison Break-In
3.8 Making a Stand
3.9 S.O.B.s
3.10 Fakin' It
3.11 Family Ties
3.12 Exit Strategy
3.13 Development Arrested

Season Four

4.1 Flight of the Phoenix
4.2 Borderline Personalities
4.3 Indian Takers
4.4 The B. Team
4.5 A New Start
4.6 Double Crossers
4.7 Colony Collapse
4.8 Red Hairing
4.9 Smashed
4.10 Queen B.
4.11 A New Attitude
4.12 Señoritis
4.13 It Gets Better
4.14 Off the Hook
4.15 Blockheads

Season Five

Coming when?


Jason Bateman (Michael Bluth)
Will Arnett (Gob Bluth)
Portia de Rossi (Lindsay Bluth Fünke)
Michael Cera (George-Michael Bluth)
David Cross (Tobias Fünke)
Jessica Walter (Lucille Bluth)
Alia Shawkat (Maeby Fünke)
Jeffrey Tambor (George Bluth Sr./Oscar Bluth)
Tony Hale (Buster Bluth)
Ron Howard (Narrator)