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Arrested Development: Red Hairing

"I'm surrounded by squalor and death, and I still can't be happy."

"You're with a guy that pretty much represents everything you pretend to hate."

For an episode that had so much happening, it left me feeling a little empty after watching it. Every character had a second episode funnier than their first (those who had two, anyway), except Lindsay. It left me wondering if we really needed a second Lindsay episode.

You know the saying "you can't count on John, but you can count on John being John"? It fits Lindsay perfectly. Except, of course, with "Lindsay" instead of "John". As I mentioned on her previous episode, it was funny at first, the it became predictable and stale; a second episode did it no favors. I think I've had enough of the character, at least at a starring capacity.

What saves this episode from complete oblivion are the supporting characters, especially Mark and Herbert Love. You can see from the quotes that there were quite a few funny lines, but most of them were not from Lindsay. Whenever Maeby was on scene, she stole it from her mother, and one of the best dialogues was the deals between Michael and his father escalating a little bit more. In fact, all scenes involving Michael were hilarious.

However funny these parts were, the main character storyline stopped them from sticking. Lindsay discovers that she can be more popular not pretending to be a liberal, and is at least being a little more hones with herself, if not with reality. Lucille can say "told you so" for all eternity now.

Bits and pieces

- I bet that we'll discover in Maeby's episode that Lucille's check wasn't for plastic surgery.

- George Michael was on screen for about 8 frames about 11 minutes into the episode. That means that Lindsay, Michael, George Senior, Maeby, Gob and George Michael, at least, were at the fundraising. Lucille and Tobias were in jail. We just have Buster to account for.

- Many puns with Herbert's last name. Love it!

- Lindsay has a thing for guys who'll eventually blue themselves.

(Quite) a few funny lines

Lindsay: "I'd give $20,000 for a lemonade right now."

Narrator: "One year later, however, the only thing they'd actually changed was getting the 'not urine' smell out of the penthouse."

Lindsay: "Oh, okay. I'll, uh, change out of these filthy clothes and into some filthy lingerie."

Lucille 2: "I used to wear that with the Captain. And I was..."
Lindsay: "Tennille?"
Lucille 2: "And not make contact, yes!"
I had to Google it to fully understand this one.

Maeby: "I thought you were supposed to be sticking it to the man, not the other way around."

Lindsay: "I thought I'd surprise you with a visit."
Maeby: "Yeah, well, the bags are certainly a surprise."

Mark: "Jail's a lot like Swappigans, except there's only one thing to swap."

Narrator: "Lindsay tried to throw the money in his face, but she didn't have the muscle memory for it."

One and a half $700 tomato juice restaurant bills.

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