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Arrested Development: The B. Team

"I think it's a lot more fun if we see her die."

This episode features a lot more pay off than the previous ones. It was also the most self-referential in terms of how the show business works and how Arrested Development went through all of it. We saw some old faces and the Narrator narrated himself. It's all getting better.

Michael continues not to be the Mr. Do-good, which is an improvement, if not for his character, at least as a character. He got to the point of taking advantage of  his unexpected producer status and assembling a movie team, asking for favors, just to cast the cute girl he met. Would he go to such trouble if he knew whose daughter she is? Considering he was willing to ignore how awful her band is, and the fact he knows almost nothing about her (not even her name), he would. Oh, the things we'll do for a redhead!

The best aspect of the episode, however, was the great dialogue. Almost every conversation had a terrific joke and/or played with language. I had to refrain myself not to overquote here. Almost everything Barry says is funny, but this time all his appearances were gold. We even had a heart-to-heart conversation between Michael and George Sr. And one with Oscar, apparently.

There was a lot about the Hollywood intricacies. Kitty was funny as always and the movie team was a good enough parody for movies like Ocean's Eleven. I just think this is such an inside joke for the people who are in movies that we, mere mortals, can barely relate to it.

The season is starting to take a real shape. I'm really interested in where the plot will take Michael and the rest of the family.

Bits and pieces

- The scenes where Ron Howard was both character and narrator were a meta delight. The recurring rivalry between him and Jerry Bruckheimer was funnier the second time around, when I could see better what they meant by things like "Where the lightning hits the tree". I guess I'd find it funnier if I knew more about it.

- I wonder what company hired Michael to drive around a car with a camera. Where could I get information on this company?

- I'll assume Oscar was the one groping Lucille Austero.

- The "strange floor with a low ceiling" reminded me of the great film Being John Malkovich. If you haven't watched it, do. It's incredible.

- Not the most inspired title, for a show that gave us "Pier Pressure" and "Altar Egos." And "Borderline Personalities," as I remarked before.

- I love how Carl Weathers directed a movie about his own scandal. And that Tobias was on it too. Was that DeBrie?

A few funny lines

Recruiter: "Now, with this car, you may get some stares."
Michael: "I'm used to a car with some stairs."

Barry: "I don't know. You want me to tell him to go @#$% himself? I can tell Ron Howard to go @#$% himself. Tell him to shove it up his @#$. I just can't do it now because I'm in front of a jury."
Henri Winkler is just perfect as Barry.

Lawyer: "That's a low blow, Loblaw."
Bob Loblaw: "A Bob Loblaw Law Bomb."

Producer: "I'm gonna be honest with you. You're not charring my tree, and... yeah, Jerry's not gonna come off the boat for this one."

Michael: "Oh, my God. I'm dating Ron Howard's girlfriend."
Narrator: "Actually she's his daughter. But that's kind of worse, don't you think?"

Three out of four sheep bleating over a name.


  1. Is anyone else having issues separating the episodes? The Ron Howard stuff started out pretty funny (he's narrating about himself!) but it started to wear on me after a bit. It felt a little self indulgent, particularly in later episodes...

    It is fun to see how many guest stars they were able to get back. Bob Loblaw of Bob Loblaw's Law Blog! James Lipton as the screenwriter wannabe/prison guard! Carl Weathers as Carl Weathers!

    Anything even tangentially related to Barry Zuckerkorn gets my seal of approval (SEAL! hehe). I think they used him very well during the original series and possibly even better here. Small but highly effective doses. :)

  2. After watching the first ep when netflix released season 4, I couldn't face what had happened to my favorite comedy and almost walked away. But I read your first review and decided to try it again this week. Thank you!!!!

    This is the episode where I finally thought the show was back to it's orig ways that I'd missed so much. The parody of it's real life struggle to produce a movie version was brilliant. But I think the moment that did it for me was when Michael talked back to the narrator "Don't bother, they're only going to blur it." and then the cut away to the google screen was blurred. It was the first one I wanted to watch twice and will prob watch a 3rd time.

    My bits & pieces

    Are the obvious re-shot scenes and bad voice overs bothering anyone else? It better be a setup for a future joke.

    I thought it was Oscar at the Orange County office & George Sr on the balcony. Mmmm...

    Also loved how Barry threw in a "Chachi" and a thumbs up "ayyy".


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