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Raines (2007) was one in a series of creative crime procedurals cut tragically short by heartless NBC executives (also including Boomtown, Southland, and Awake–it’s weird they’re all set in Los Angeles, right?). Jeff Goldblum plays Michael Raines, a homicide detective with a unique problem: he hallucinates the victims of the cases he’s working. They’re not ghosts; they’re figments of Raines’ overactive and possibly traumatized imagination. Raines interacts with these manifestations of his subconscious in order to unravel his cases; the result is that the audience can see his thought process as he works to solve murders. Raines is one part Sherlock Holmes, two parts noir with a dollop of whimsy, all topped with clever, fast-paced dialogue. It’s the best crime procedural you’ve probably never heard of.


1.1 Pilot
1.2 Meet Juan Doe
1.3 Reconstructing Alice
1.4 Stone Dead
1.5 The Fifth Step
1.6 Inner Child
1.7 Closure


Jeff Goldblum (Michael Raines)
Matt Craven (Captain Dan Lewis)
Nicole Sullivan (Carolyn Crumley)
Linda Park (Sally Lance)
Dov Davidoff (Remi Boyer)
Malik Yoba (Charlie Lincoln)
Madeleine Stowe (Dr. Samantha Kohl)