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Arrested Development: Colony Collapse

"You know, your whole life is an escape act, and this girl seems like she really likes you. Why don't you just try to work it out and just stop running... Yeah, I know you're in the boulder."
"But how'd I get in the boulder?"

Boy, was this episode packed! we started with the Entourage parody and got flashbacked to even before the last season ended. It included a near wedding, several near death experiences, and a family reunion. It's all fitting to Gob's personality, exemplified in the quote above.

Speaking of personality, Ann (her?) seems to have started growing one. It's a pity she directed it at getting engaged to Gob. She should have treated him like a mouse. The church scenes made me laugh a little because Gob was not at all expecting the crowd's reactions, but they were mostly cringeworthy, and I'm not such a fan of this kind of humor.

What came after was much funnier. After surviving a locker and a locker reality show, Gob met his son Steve Holt! again, had friendly conversation, and recognized him ninety minutes later. I don't entirely blame Gob, because Steve is really different (I wonder how much was make-up and how much was real aging), but, come on, it's his son.

So he made another promise he wouldn't make good on, and again disappoint somebody who cared for him. He found a bunch of people who were slightly more mature than him and followed them until he wore out his welcome. Worst of all, he caused a terrible song to be written.

And since we haven't seen his "kind of a celebrity" girlfriend yet, I suspect he'll have another episode. I bet it's Rebel.

Bits and pieces

- Rebel does a lot of PSAs, doesn't she?

- By the way, I saw Now You See Me last weekend, and it also involves Isla Fisher and magic. It's a fun movie.

- Back in Tobias's episode, Lucille 2 was singing along Marc Cherry's insipid song.

- If it wasn't Tony Wonder who was in the podium, who was it? I'm sure we'll find out soon.

- I don't watch Entourage. Did the parody work?

- Only Gob could look at a cross and think it's a T.

A few funny lines

Gob: "Now... you... have got some mice to scoop out of the sea."

Narrator: "But as she unzipped her pajamas, it reminded him of past situations which he'd successfully been aroused."

Gob: "And yea, as if to be arisen the third or fourth day with all the magic of JESUS CHRIST!"

Gob: "Maybe I'm being tested like that guy "Jawb" from the Bible."
Steve (!!!): Job.
Gob: "Yes?"
Steve: "Job."
Gob: "Yes, sir."
Steve: "Job.
Gob: "Yeah."

Three out of four homeless bees.


  1. I don't have a real strong memory of this one; Gob's second ep was so funny it seems to have blocked this one out. I did like all the churchy stuff and the show and ALAN TUDYK and whatnot. :)

  2. I look forward to his his second episode, then, sunbunny. Thanks for all the comments!


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