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About Us

Welcome to your one stop shop for all of your reviewing needs. Billie Doux and her contributing writers specialize in reviews of what we consider to be the best of television. And we occasionally review books and movies, too.

Would you like to write for us? Click here for details. We would love it if you would follow us on Twitter a.k.a. X, Facebook or Tumblr. Or possibly all of the above. Our email contact address is douxreviews at gmail dot com.

Billie Doux began reviewing episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for some of her online friends back in 1997, became obsessed with reviewing, took on more shows, contributed reviews to several web sites, started BillieDoux.com in 2004 when the sheer volume of reviews got out of hand, and began recruiting contributing writers in 2008. Click here for a somewhat complete list of her reviews and here for Frequently Asked Questions about Billie and this site. Billie also has a personal blog unrelated to entertainment.

Josie Kafka enjoys cats, reading, and watching TV. She dreams of a day when she can board the Waverider and travel through time while wearing cool costumes, but she would also accept life on a deserted island filled with mystery. Click here for more Josie.

Mark Greig is the current penname for a loose association of mostly illiterate monkeys kept locked in a basement and chained to typewriters. They enjoy Bananarama, the Banana Splits, Bananaman, and Bananas in Pyjamas.

Samantha M. Quinn is a movie buff and an avid gamer who loves science fiction and fantasy. Click here for a complete list of Samantha's reviews.

drnanamom (a.k.a. Sandy) is sometimes known as SUPER NANA and enjoys chasing monsters, building forts and giggling.

Panda (a.k.a. Cian) spends far too much time telling TV writers how to do their jobs. After spending years contributing to all the standard online forums, he started his own blog in 2011 where he dedicates time to talking his favourite shows up their own behinds and tearing them apart, in equal measure. His taste ranges from the TV legends we all know (Buffy) to current fads (True Blood, The Vampire Diaries) to the downright blasphemous (Pretty Little Liars, Charmed). Panda's on Twitter.

ChrisB loves nothing better than to have new experiences and then to write about them here. After years of sneering at all things sci-fi and genre related, she came to the party some years ago thanks to Buffy and Alias. Click here for a complete list of her reviews for Doux.

Sunbunny is a fairytale princess living locked in a tower with only a TV and the Internet to keep her company. Also, she has a ridiculously small dog. Her hobbies include reading nineteenth century literature and playing with said ridiculously small dog.

Juliette is a lecturer in ancient history and Classics specializing in ancient myth and religion and depictions of ancient Greece and Rome in modern popular culture, mainly film and TV. One of her proudest possessions is her DVD set of I, Claudius signed by BRIAN BLESSED, aka the Emperor Augustus himself. She reviews stuff with Greeks and Romans in it at her own blog. Slightly more forward-looking obsessions include Star Trek (various forms), Buffy and The X-Files, and Billie and Sunbunny's enthusiastic championing of Supernatural is responsible for the Lost Summer of 2014, when she marathoned 9 years of it at once and wouldn't stop talking about it. Always listen to Billie when she recommends something. Juliette's on Twitter.

JRS, a.k.a. Joseph Santini, depending on which universe you meet him in, is a writer, artist, gardener, hunter, mechanic, quantum physicist. Interestingly enough, his first pieces, whatever the world, were all in some version of the New York Times: The Gotham Punch, for example; the Bayonne Bushwhispers, in another world: and in one world where none of Manhattan was ever colonized, the Fort Lee Dedication. In this particular universe, he is also a screenwriter and filmmaker, and also blogs about international Deaf issues at surdusexplores.blogspot.com when he's not drinking coffee. JRS is on Twitter.

Logan Cox is a newspaper writer and aspiring author living in a small town and endlessly obsessing over stories. These stories usually come in the form of modern TV shows that allow him to gleefully eat away hours upon hours of his life while adding fuel to the raging fire that is his wild imagination. For some time, he has fancied himself a critic and aficionado of sorts. Now, in a vain attempt to start creating more than he consumes, he has decided he might as well write about some of the shows he watches from week to week and get his thoughts out to the world. Doux Reviews appeared to be a safe, fun, and accessible way to achieve this end. Thus, here he is.

Victoria Grossack has worked in the insurance industry and splits her time between two continents. She loves stories and science, and that affection extends to storytelling and scientists. At any rate, she's married to a scientist! She enjoys tutoring math, hiking, gardening and cats. Her travel prevents her from having a feline of her own, so she tempts neighborhood cats with treats in order to satisfy her craving for purrs and hisses. She writes a lot of stuff: actuarial study manuals, articles on writing, and fiction based on Greek mythology or Jane Austen novels. You can learn more about Victoria and her other writing projects here.

Lamounier has a French name – which, according to his cousin's French wife, does not exist in France – but is actually Brazilian. He loves spending his time debating (that's why The Powers That Be sent him to Earth), writing, sleeping and talking to himself. The day he joined Doux Reviews a cat walked into his life, which he saw as a sign from the universe that things were finally becoming clearer. He then named the cat BorrĂ£o, which means Blur in Portuguese.

An Honest Fangirl, or Fangirl for short, was first introduced to Star Wars when she was six years old. It's all been down hill from there. When she isn't snuggling with her cat or surviving college, she can be found curled up in front of some kind of screen. She's an avid gamer and movie goer, and for some bizarre reason, watches horror movies to relax. And sometimes she blogs about them.

Mikey is, in no particular order, a freelance writer, improvisational comedian, volunteer firefighter, playwright, bon vivant, and Jane Espenson enthusiast. Born in the small mining town of Eden Prairie, MN, he has some 40 years later successfully moved about 20 miles north of there to the City of Brooklyn Center, MN where he lives with an unreasonable number of dogs. If you'd like to hear him discuss something other than Television while pretending to be a dog, check out www.the42ndvizsla.blogspot.com or follow him on twitter at @the42ndVizsla.

Shari is a writer, bibliophile, former stage manager, amateur photographer and unabashed fangirl (not necessarily in that order). When not groveling before her feline overlord she spends far too much time watching TV and not nearly enough time writing. If you'd like to find out more (about Shari not her overlord) you can check out her website.

CoramDeo's every waking moment so far in his life has led him to this point. Every action he has taken, every experience he has had, and every word he has said has contributed to the person he is today, at the time he wrote this piece. All this build-up, all those past events that specifically aligned just so, came together as one, all leading up to the point where he tossed aside his carefully crafted description of who he is and typed this up in five minutes to get a few cheap laughs. That may also render this the saddest thing you've read all day.

John hails from the Washington DC area and is slowly indoctrinating his kid into the Doctor Whoniverse. He works in non-profit fundraising by day, and has two theatre degrees that he's currently letting get dusty. On his child-free nights he usually goes to sleep with Pluto.tv's Classic Doctor Who channel on.

Baby M and his wife are "nice senior citizens" according to one of their younger friends. They live in a small town under the supervision of Cookie the Dog, an absolute monarch who rules with an iron paw. Their two boys became engineers instead of going to law school, thereby proving that they are smarter than their father.

Morella, or Mark, loves classic sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, and also loves video games and board games. Morella's author page is here.

Mothra loves a good story in any form: mythology, books, movies, television, video games. She also enjoys hiking, biking, skiing, cooking, traveling, and playing classical guitar. She found Doux Reviews while binging all fifteen seasons of Supernatural during the Covid-19 lockdown, and wouldn't mind another lockdown without a pandemic if it meant she could catch up on the rest of her watchlist.


Ben P. Duck has known Billie for getting on towards twenty years but despite this she continues to humor him. He is a veteran of the Gratuitous Trek Flamewars of the mid-nineties, for which he received a number of decorations for snarkiness. In his spare time, he is a cultural anthropologist, raises two daughters and a neurotic cat, and hopes one day to have free time again. His interests include bacon, information theory and not learning to play the guitar.

Laure Mack is officially an accountant in corporate America with a hatred for tiny boxes filled with numbers and pant suits. Unofficially she is a wannabe artist with unhealthy addictions to television, online shopping, first edition books and pasta. Her dream is to travel the globe dancing through different cultures, enjoying festivities and traditions all over the world, feasting on local cuisines and learning from whoever she meets.

Heather writes for and about television because she loves it with all of her heart. This love started early, too, with her big sister and the Saturday night TV lineup, featuring Charlie's Angels and The Love Boat. Each successive decade has had a list of shows that have made an imprint on her psyche: The X-Files, La Femme Nikita, Veronica Mars, The Wire, True Blood and Breaking Bad being some of her favorites. She lives in the city that never sleeps.

Ariel Williams loves to psycho-analyze fictional characters because—unlike real human beings—they are unable to object. She believes all cats are perfect and her cats are perfect-est, and she loves a good existential crisis.

Mara Fabella is a visual artist and freelance writer. She was introduced to Star Wars before she was introduced to Math and would marathon each episode day by day. In a previous life, she'd help set up fandom conventions in the Philippines. Then she regenerated and did competitive Chinese martial arts. Then she regenerated again and spent four years in front of a canvas studying art. Reports say she is still stuck in front of her canvas as you read this. Check out Mara's art on Instagram.

Sam T. Cat does not like you very much, but will indulge your desire to bring him tasty treats. If you are quite lucky and pass his rigorous entry exam, you may be permitted to rub his belly. He writes about whatever he damn well wants to, whenever he damn well feels like it. (Click here for a sampling of his reviews.) You may attempt to contact him, but he will only respond if he was going to do it anyway.