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Highlander: Counterfeit, Part 1

Richie: "The guy still saved my life."
Duncan: "And I still want to know why."

Nearly all of this episode was Horton using Pete to drive a wedge between Duncan and Richie, while Horton was creating an evil double of Tessa for nefarious reasons. Basically, one long set-up for part two. Yawn.

Meilani Paul, who played Tessa's double before the transformation, was Adrian Paul's wife at the time. Unfortunately, her acting skills made Alexandra Vandernoot look good. And why would they choose a brown-eyed, dark-complected woman who didn't even speak French to double Tessa? I suppose they didn't have much of a choice among available female sociopaths with that body type, but still. If they were going to do this right, Alexandra Vandernoot should have played the criminal, too, in some sort of extreme make-up.


— 1730 England. Duncan was doing an outright Robin Hood imitation in a place much like Sherwood Forest, with an evil Sheriff of Nottingham. This one was intended to show us that Duncan's long life had made him justifiably cynical, even toward someone like Pete who came to Richie's rescue.

— Duncan begging the sheriff to hang him and not behead him had its comical aspects.

Bits and pieces:

— Interesting crazed wall mural at Horton's place. It probably was intended to make a statement about his character.

— I mean, really. Doesn't it take more than a day or two to heal from plastic surgery?

— A priest with a classic car fetish. That was different. Yes, it explained how he identified Horton's car, but how far fetched was that?

— Some of Duncan's and Richie's lines were read clumsily. End of the season exhaustion?

— Priest: "Are you a police officer?" Duncan: "No. I'm an immortal." What was that? Duncan never just tells people offhand that he's an immortal. Was he joking? Unwilling to lie to a priest because of a Catholic childhood?

One star,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

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