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Highlander: Prodigal Son

Duncan: "I missed you too, tough guy."

Richie was back, and in trouble again. And he ran to Duncan for help, again. Which was exactly what evil immortal Martin Hyde wanted him to do. Hyde liked to freak out young immortals, and follow them home to the real challenge, the more experienced, "seasoned" immortals. Sort of like catching a fish, but throwing it back because it was too small. Do the quickenings taste better if the victim is older? Do immortals really get more powerful that way? Powerful how, exactly?

Hyde was so vindictive that even though he didn't want Richie's head, he still playfully framed Richie for murder several times. Some inconsistencies: Richie's sword was tested as a murder weapon. They didn't find the specific blood they were looking for, but wouldn't they have found somebody's blood? Plus, Richie was worried about spending his immortal life in prison. Couldn't he just get himself killed and into the morgue, and then free?

The best part of this episode was the revelation that Hyde had demoralized Duncan twice in the past, and Duncan was actually afraid of him. Duncan wasn't always the big, tough, experienced immortal. Plus, I loved the continuity with the cognac that Segur gave Duncan, and Duncan in turn gave Richie. And that lovely, final scene at the bridge.


— 1630 Scotland. Duncan's first encounter with Hyde, but Hyde was after Connor. Obviously, Hyde wasn't able to find Connor. Was Connor all that much older than Duncan, though?

— 1700 Paris. Hyde took out Duncan's older friend, Segur.

— Note the trademark Dennis Berry fog in the flashbacks.

Bits and pieces:

— The barge was back at its former slip near Notre Dame. We finally got a good look at Maurice's boat. Tiny.

— Richie had a special sheath for his sword on his bike.

— New cop: a blonde with a bun and glasses, trying to look frumpy and serious.

— During the final duel, Duncan and Hyde were surrounded by stuffed dead animals. Probably killed by Hyde, who liked to kill everything.

— The outtakes for this episode (on the DVD) were particularly funny.

This was another of those semi-good episodes. Two and a half stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

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  1. If I remember correctly Connor was born in the first or second decade of the 1500s, making him about 80 years give or take older than Duncan and more than a century at the time Hyde was looking for him. Enough to be a seasoned immortal? I guess so.


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