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Highlander: The Cross of St. Antoine

Amanda: "Time to tie me up."
Duncan: "Don't tempt me."

Bad immortals often don't change. This one did. Durgan, once an illiterate trapper, acquired some serious culture and became a devotee of art. But he still retained that bad immortal habit of casual homicide.

Some of the Durgan/Thorne stuff was ehh, but Duncan and Amanda breaking into the mansion together and their euphoria afterward was a lot of fun. Amanda almost looked like a different person. Was it just the hair? Or was she acting less Amanda-like at first, because she was going straight? She didn't really come to life until the break-in.

The other good part of this one was the dimension they finally added to Joe Dawson, who had a new love in his life for about five minutes, and lost her. This is an interesting guy. The first watcher to ally with an immortal (we assume), and he can play the guitar and sing the blues, too. How did Joe become disabled? At this point, we still don't know.

Joe's reaction to meeting Amanda for the first time intimated that she's probably a rock star in the Watcher community. I liked that Amanda liked Joe. They even bonded.


— 1817 Ft. Wolfe, Montana. Duncan stopped the theft of a huge, ornate, kitschy looking cross, only to see Durgan steal it in the end after murdering a priest and a pretty young schoolteacher. Now, that's evil.

— Another deathbed promise, this time to the priest. Duncan has certainly piled up those deathbed promises.

— The creek looked like the same one where they filmed "Mountain Men." I've noticed that I bring up "Mountain Men" now and then. Maybe I keep mentioning it because it was so colossally bad that it's hard to forget.

— Duncan mentioned that he learned to read when he was fifty. In "Under Color of Authority," Mako said that the last time he saw Duncan, Duncan and Fitz were learning to read. I want to see that.

Bits and pieces:

— This episode established that one immortal buzz is the same as another. Durgan "felt" Amanda and had no way to tell it wasn't Duncan.

— Okay, long arm of barely believable coincidence again. The death of Joe's new beloved led back to an immortal that Duncan knew. Ah, well.

— That cross couldn't have been solid gold or it would have been way heavy.

— And while I'm picking nits, Amanda had a job as head of security for a rock star? How did she get a job like that without a significant amount of job-related experience? Did she steal someone's resume? That's not going straight.

— Lisa Howard was in the credits, but we didn't see her. We didn't see Richie, either, but we often don't so I'm getting used to it.

— Jim Byrnes can really sing. Although it was obvious in the final scene that he wasn't playing that guitar.


Amanda: "I hear you're one of those guys who wants to watch."

Amanda: "Tell me. Do you watch us do... everything?"
Joe: "Only the things I can't get arrested for."

Joe: "You are a barbarian. In a better suit."

Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.


  1. I recently re-watched this episode and was surprised to notice that the actor playing the companion of the priest is none other than Jason Gray-Stanford of Monk fame (Lt. Disher). Must have been one of his first acting jobs...

  2. I also kept flashing back to "Mountain Men" while watching the river scenes. And the last thing that anyone should want in life is to flash back to Mountain Men!


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