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Highlander: The Revolutionary

"They're so young. What good is being free if you're dead?"

You can tell practically in the first ten minutes that Duncan is going to have to behead yet another old friend.

This is exactly the kind of episode I don't like all that much, even when they're done well. Another "battle junkie" who used mortals like chess pieces; this one never got over Spartacus. So unfair. Karros cannot die. When he encourages others to sacrifice their lives for freedom, it's extremely dirty pool.

Which got me to thinking. We've seen a number of immortals who keep repeating their evil behavior, who just never learn. It certainly didn't take Duncan a couple of thousand years to realize that war was not the answer. I guess, again, immortals are like people. Some learn and change and grow, and some don't. They repeat their patterns forever.

This isn't a bad episode in the grand scheme of Highlander things. But frankly, what I liked best about this one was Adrian Paul in his flashback costume. Long hair, loose white shirt, mustache, and that hat. Silly, but looking at Adrian Paul is one of the reasons I love this series.


— 1867 Mexico. Duncan and Paul Karros fighting together to free the people. The highlight of the flashback was Elda, a young woman who died for the cause, and said as she was dying that she would do it all again. Giving some backup for Karros' point of view.

Bits and pieces:

— Cast change: Lisa Howard, who plays obvious new love interest, Dr. Anne Lindsey. She also echoed Duncan's viewpoint about the importance of individual lives over causes. She also got a "special appearance by" credit.

— We got a licorice-eating elderly morgue attendant with a twisted sense of humor. (Knocking on the morgue drawer) "Hope you're decent!"

— Another good duel. They don't usually show the killing blow, but this time they did. Of course, only from the front, because of television standards.

— Paul Karros was the eleventh evil immortal with a K/C name. Although Karros technically wasn't all that evil. He believed in what he was doing, even though it was wrong.

At least the "B" episodes are getting better in quality. Two stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

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