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Highlander: Dramatic License

Carolyn: "He'd been with princesses and queens. He was going to live forever. And me? I'm just going to get old and fat. And I'll always be from Newark."

I've always loved this one. Duncan MacLeod, heroic immortal warrior, incredibly handsome – he practically is the hero of an historical romance. And the story segued beautifully into actual romance, without getting the slightest bit mushy.

Carolyn was initially a puzzle, since she obviously knew Duncan was immortal but wasn't one herself. It made sense that she was working out her relationship issues with an immortal. And Terence Coventry was fun. We get so many serious duels that seeing Duncan and Terence going at each other with a wooden spoon and a chicken leg was a great change of pace.

Coventry picked Carolyn up and carried her off. And then Duncan did the same for Amanda. The girls were both wearing the same flowing, romantic white dress. I think that was supposed to illustrate that they were both romantic heroines at heart, as well as in the same boat with their immortal beaux.

The point of the story (and funny episodes can fall flat if there is no point to the story) was Duncan and Amanda's relationship. Duncan said, "What we have is incredibly special. It's just not mortal love." And Amanda countered, "All a girl wants is a little romance, to be swept off her feet every now and then." They're not Gina and Robert. They're not even Terence and Carolyn. Duncan and Amanda will never get married and live happily ever after, and they know it. But being practical doesn't always make a girl feel romantic.

There were lots of fun scenes. My favorite was Amanda and Duncan in bed. Amanda was reading Carolyn's purple prose about the fictional Duncan making passionate love to the fictional Amanda as the Hallelujah Chorus blared in the background. Amanda looked up from her book, and the real Duncan was snoring away. That pretty much said it all. Life is never like the storybook. Even when you're in love with a handsome, dashing immortal warrior that looks like Duncan.


— 1786 England: Duncan and Terence Coventry met when they were both taken in by a thieving hussy.

— There were a ton of flashbacks to "Homeland," Deborah Campbell, and her frightening uber-red hair.

Bits and pieces:

— Amanda wore bright colors this time, a big change from her usual black, white, and neutrals. Except in the end, when she and Carolyn were wearing those identical white flowing dresses.


Amanda: (reading) "A mane of flowing hair to rival Lancelot's charger."
Duncan: "Must be Fabio."
Fabio has always made me cringe.

Duncan: "I don't believe it."
Amanda: "Neither do I. I mean, she got the eyes sort of right, but 'muscles as hard as the Highland hills'?"

Carolyn: "Duncan MacLeod exists because we want him to exist. We need him to exist."
Amanda: "So you don't actually think it's the same guy."
Carolyn: "Are you nuts? He'd have to be immortal."

Duncan: "If anyone had a reason to kill her, it should be me. I'm the one with my name on the cover."
Coventry: "I'm a pig with a mole on my face. A hairy mole. Do you see a mole? Do I dress like a pig?"

Amanda: "She called me a cheap whore and a thief. I was never cheap."

Agent: "Well, who's going to wear the kilt?"
Duncan: "Mel Gibson."

Creative, romantic, fun, different. Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one. And that's Methos.

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  1. Someone needs to write _Blade of the MacLeods_ as fanfic, incorporating every excerpt from this episode.


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