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Highlander: Money No Object

Duncan: "Are you nuts? How many times did you get shot?"
Cory: "More than Bonnie, less than Clyde. What's the difference?"

I started watching Highlander near the end of its run, and this was the first episode I ever saw. It hooked me, too. There is something unusual and really, really fun about immortals full of joie de vivre on a spree, dying and getting dug up, over and over again. It just wasn't something I'd seen a lot on television.

Cory was like a male Amanda, a good-looking, reckless Robin Hood wannabe who lived for kicks. I could totally understand the two of them getting off doing Bonnie and Clyde through the Midwest in a 1924 Packard. For Cory (and Amanda, to some extent) immortality was a great big game; why bother growing up? Much like an adolescent, Cory even thought it was funny when another immortal got hurt, as long as it wasn't himself. Cory made Richie look mature, and that's not easy.

Cory obviously catered to the wild side of Amanda, something she tended to subdue around Duncan. It was typical of the Duncan/Amanda relationship that Amanda ran around with another guy having lots of fun, and Duncan literally cleaned up after her with a shovel. Present-day Amanda wanted Duncan to tell her not to go rob the Federal Reserve with Cory. Which was exactly what Duncan wanted to do, but he didn't. I guess that was a little childish of Duncan, too.

There were lots of fun bits. Cory running Richie off the road and into the river, not once but twice. Duncan over-emoting while pretending to be a French movie director. Cory's distraction car set to explode when a marching band turned the corner and started down the street. I've always loved the way Duncan mouthed the words "I hate you" to Cory right before the car blew up.

The inconsistencies jump out at me now, though. For the most part, immortals tend to stay dead as long as it's important to the plot. They often don't make it to the morgue, much less the graveyard. But this episode wouldn't have been as much fun without Duncan following after the two of them, digging them up. And explosives. Duncan and Cory both got blown up. Since it was a comic episode, they both came out of it looking like Daffy Duck who had just gotten shot by Elmer Fudd. What if they'd had their heads blown off?


— 1926 Missouri. Cory and Amanda did Bonnie and Clyde, including recreating some of their famous photographs. The flashbacks were in sepia tones as well as stills in black and white.

— When the flashbacks started, Duncan and Amanda were arguing about her wanting to quit her job. The two of them were working for Barnum and Bailey.

Bits and pieces:

— Nicholas Lea (Cory), who became more well-known as Krycek on The X-Files, also played a bit part in the season two episode, "The Fighter."

— Grinkoff the mobster was played by that guy who was a continuing character on Stargate SG-1. Mayburn? Mayhew? I never can remember his name.

— Amanda left town at the end of the episode so that Grinkoff wouldn't find her.

— Cory had a K/C name, but I don't think he can be considered evil. I really should have just kept a count of immortals with K/C names, not just evil immortals, because I think the total would be over fifty by now.


Cory: "Don't get your knickers in a knot. He's an immortal. Takes a licking, keeps on ticking."

Duncan: "You know what they say. Two's company and four is... not sanitary."

Amanda: "Cory is a pro."
Richie: "Cory is an ass."
Amanda: "You're just saying that because he ran over you."
Richie: "Twice."

Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one. And that's Methos.

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  1. I agree. What I'd Duncan or Corey's head had been blown off? Being immortal does not make them indestructible. If an immortal is horribly injured but the body is still in one piece it will regenerate and heal, but if an immortal loses a limb in a battle or accident it will not grow back. That includes the head.


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