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Highlander: Epitaph for Tommy

"Human life is too fragile."

Richie finally returned from wherever he was, and helped Duncan solve another mystery. Yes, it was Duncan MacLeod, immortal detective again.

At least this one was bolstered by a slightly more interesting plot, a couple of interesting duels at a deserted amusement park, and the talented Andrea Roth as a villainous young executive who committed patricide to take over her father's company, which she managed to carry off without so much as mussing her designer suits and killer hairdos. She actually out-eviled her evil immortal boyfriend, not an easy thing to do.

The core of this one was that Duncan cares deeply about mortals, and hates that their lives are too short. The flashback, which actually featured a literal roll in the hay, illustrated this point as well.


— 1866 Annapolis, Maryland. Swords can be dangerous for the bystanders, too. Duncan equated the pointless (well, there was an actual point) loss of Bess and her fiance Ned with Tommy's early death.

Bits and pieces:

— I thought Duncan hanging one of the bad guys out of his window was fun, especially when the thug turned it around on Duncan and Duncan really didn't care if he fell.

— Richie used an alias: Jordan Richards.

— Duncan appears to keep his sword in the car when he's out running. Since it's a convertible, wouldn't that be inviting theft?

Again, a high two, or a low three. Two and a half stars?

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

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  1. No mention of Hot Rod Rowdy Roddy Piper as the immortal in this episode??


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