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Highlander: The Fighter

Duncan: "You killed him."
Sully: "And I'd do it again."

I'm not crazy about this one, either. Again, the focus was too much on the fighting, action, and martial arts.

Sully seemed like such a sweet schmuck of an immortal who loved the fight game, loved being a manager, and never caught a break. Endearingly shy with pretty girls. Old immortal friend of Duncan. Bruce Weitz managed to give Sully a hard core undercurrent, though, right from the beginning, so when we realized that Sully killed everyone who ticked him off, it wasn't really a surprise. Was Sully always like this? Or did being immortal twist him? How come Duncan didn't figure it out a hundred years ago?

But the final, vicious sword fight in the boxing arena was a strong one. Duncan cried again after killing Sully, like he did after killing Gabriel in "Eye of the Beholder." One wonders how many old immortal friends he loses this way. And this time, Sully just "disappeared"; his body wasn't found. What did Duncan do with the body?


— 1891 San Francisco. Sully burst into Duncan's room to talk him into a boxing match. The fun part was Duncan had a girl under the covers.

Bits and pieces:

— Nick Lea, later famous as Krycek in The X-Files, had a small part as Iris's hapless brother, Rodney. Lea returned later in the series with a bigger role in a better episode, "Money No Object."

— Charlie had a hot girlfriend named Helen who brought him flowers.

— In this week's hair report, Duncan had one of those top of the head demi-ponytails. Another look that not many men can get away with, but it sure looked good on him.

Two stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

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  1. You are absolutely correct. This episode was less than the best written one. Bruce Weitz was pretty excellent, he didn't have much of a chance with the writing.


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