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Highlander: Eyewitness

Randi: "You were right."
Tessa: "I wish I weren't."

And back again to a recurring theme: that mortal women involved with immortal guys are pretty much in permanent danger. No wonder Tessa identified with the mysterious Ann Wheeler. Except Duncan isn't likely to turn on Tessa and toss her off a bridge.

This was a boring and mostly predictable episode with a couple of amusing moments provided by Richie, as well as a fun final dual and spectacular quickening in front of a big, glowing ball. (I'm sure people who live in Vancouver know what the big ball is, but I don't.)

But again with the improbable coincidence. There appear to be homicidal immortals everywhere, because Tessa keeps bumping into them. Our chief of police immortal didn't even realize that Tessa had an immortal boyfriend until it was too late. Yeah, right.


— No flashbacks again. But we learned that Duncan was in Paris twenty years ago. 1972?

Bits and pieces:

— Tessa's show appeared to have very little of Tessa's work and a lot of other people's. That didn't make sense.

— Richie can't parallel park. Neither can I.

— Tim Reid again.

— In this week's hair report, Tessa unfortunately acquired Vanity's flying puffy pompadour.

— Duncan: "Does that bike of yours still haul ass?" Richie: "Like Madonna's underwear. Why?"

This episode fell somewhere between one and two stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.


  1. The big, glowing ball is the Telus World of Science (formerly Science World before a donation by Telus Communications and formerly the Expo Centre when it was built for the 1986 World's Fair, or Expo '86).

    I'm rewatching Highlander:the Series on Amazon Prime.


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