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Highlander: See No Evil

Randi: "Come on, MacLeod. Give me a quote."
Duncan: "Those who forget the past are condemned to relive it."

So how can a murderer who has been dead for sixty-seven years be committing murders in the present? All together now. Very improbable copycat.

Another episode of "Duncan MacLeod, Immortal Detective." Why didn't the detective theme work on this show? Because there are tons of better detectives on television. Duncan is special because he's immortal, not because he has strong investigative skills. Plus, doing a detective show meant that we got Tessa constantly in peril. I never cared for Tessa in the first place, and putting her in danger just made me yawn.

To add to my list of complaints, we had the coincidence factor again. Tessa's friend was victimized by a lunatic, who was copycatting an immortal serial killer. What are the odds? Plus this episode had too many histrionics, and too much pseudo-Psycho music. And bad acting. Dan commented during this episode that Tessa's friend Natalie had the same level of acting skills as Tessa. In other words, not so much.

It's amazing that an episode about a serial killer in goggles going around trying to scalp blondes could be a snooze, but it was. The best part was Tessa running Goggle Guy down with Duncan's T-bird.


— 1925 Seacouver, Washington. We got a brief, somewhat pointless flashback to blonde-hater Marcus Korolus, and a duel on a weird, deserted stage with exploding footlights.

— Duncan was in a regular suit and had a very short ponytail. That was probably his own hair, since he was growing it out at this point.

Bits and pieces:

— New credit narration by Adrian Paul. Not as wooden, but still not as good as the future narration by Jim Byrnes.

— There was a lot of Duncan/Randi banter that included flirting. I like Randi better than Tessa, but not by much.

— Guest cop Tim Reid continued to be slightly better than the other guest cops.

— Richie has acquired a motorcycle and can now put himself in danger more effectively.

— Along with jewelry in his hair, Adrian Paul can pull off purple and pink shirts. Not to be outdone, Richie was wearing a purple shirt later in the episode.

— Korolus was our fourth villainous immortal whose name began with a K or a hard C.

One out of four stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

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