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Highlander: For Evil's Sake

Duncan: "So you kill."
Kuyler: "We all have to do something. It pays well, and I have expensive habits."

So we had a creepy, acrobatic mime assassin on a motorcycle, and a new French inspector as the most recent in our parade of guest cops.

But at least our bad guy was creepy instead of boring, and we had Parisian scenery as well as scenes on the barge. I always loved the barge. The duel among the mannequins was different and interesting, too, and brought in some symbolism of Kuyler's inhumanity. Mannequins are hard and inhuman but they look like people, and that's Kuyler to a T. Are immortals mostly evil, and less than human?

Duncan said at one point, "When people see an acrobat or a clown, they laugh. They relax. They lower their guard. What better time to kill them?" This assumes that clowns don't creep you out. And frankly, clowns and mimes do creep me out. This episode reminded me of one of my favorite Buffy lines: "Nobody deserves mime, Buffy."


— 1783 France. Duncan was safeguarding a baron who was instrumental in peace talks with the British, but wasn't able to prevent his assassination by Kuyler. Yawn.

— 1980 Paris. Duncan, sans sword, was running from Kuyler and jumped on a Seine tour boat. And met Tessa. I went on those tour boats when I went to Paris. They're cliched and tacky and totally wonderful.

Bits and pieces:

— Kuyler was the fifth bad guy immortal with a name starting with K or a hard C. He had minions. Yes, he was a mime with minions.

— Kuyler said he assassinated 2,760 people. That's a lot of people.

— Richie provided his usual comic relief with a hideous bust from a flea market that he gave to Tessa as a barge-warming present.

— Duncan. White wig. No.

This one had a more interesting evil immortal, but it still wasn't what I'd call a good episode. Two stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

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