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Highlander: For Tomorrow We Die

Darius: "Where's your soul?"
Xavier: "Who needs a soul?"

The evil-immortal-who-must-be-stopped was a pretty common plot on Highlander, especially in the early episodes. What made this particular evil immortal stand out was Roland Gift, whose light, humorous performance as Xavier St. Cloud made him seem almost naughty instead of evil, even though his method of killing was so cowardly. And going to confession immediately afterward to taunt Darius was just sick.

The other really interesting bit was the outcome of the duel on the barge. Will Xavier indeed return? And when he does, will he have a new, regrown hand? How much damage can an immortal take and still regenerate?

Tessa teased Duncan that the last time he wore a tux was on the Titanic. I assume she was kidding, anyway, because didn't he wear one to the New Year's Eve party in New York three years ago in "Revenge is Sweet"?


— 1917 France. According to the Watcher Chronicles on the DVD, Duncan was working as an ambulance driver, not a soldier. Adrian appeared to have his hair stuffed under his helmet.

— We didn't see it, but according to his elderly friend, Duncan worked for the French Resistance during World War II. Of course he did.

Bits and pieces:

— Roland Gift was another Highlander rock star/guest star. He was the lead singer for the Fine Young Cannibals.

— Richie learned some life lessons from his older, French, married girlfriend.

— The final duel took place on the barge. I will just observe that a barge on the Seine is highly visible from both banks, with tons of homes and apartments in sight range.

— Duncan pretended to be his own son. Or, rather, he didn't deny his friend's assumption.

— Darius was also a Buddhist and a Hindu. You'd think that would make him relax the rules as a Catholic priest, but no.

— Inspector LeBrun's seriously injured arm appears to be fine now. In the previous episode, LeBrun said it was a permanent injury that would ruin his career. Guess not.

— If we can count the "Cloud" in St. Cloud, Xavier St. Cloud was our sixth evil immortal with a name starting with K/C.

— Tessa: "What do you think of our fertility goddess?" Duncan: "I think she's wasting her time around me."

Two out of four stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

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