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Highlander: Mortal Sins

Duncan: "Fifty years ago, Daimler was a murderer. If he still is, I have to stop him."
Anne: "Why? Is it your job?"

This was a mortal story, as opposed to an immortal story. More accurately, about the problem of running into someone you knew fifty years ago, and still looking the same. I guess it's an occupational hazard for immortals who insist on hanging out in Paris instead of carefully changing continents every twenty years.

Father Bernard was a semi-interesting character. Courageous enough even as a little boy to risk his life to defy the Nazis, to stab Daimler with a pitchfork, to toss him, trussed up and chained, into the river. To stay quiet about seeing Duncan resurrect. To grow up and become a priest, and keep it all a secret for fifty years. If only he had listened to Duncan and stayed on holy ground, huh?

Duncan and Anne went from minor spats to breaking up, and it wasn't just a surge of pregnancy hormones. Duncan can play house and be a father to Anne's baby, but it won't change the eternal problem of evil immortals with swords showing up every now and then. This time Anne did indeed get in the way, and nearly lost her life and/or her baby because of Duncan. She got to see her first beheading and quickening, too.

So much for Anne. Go back to Seacouver, Anne.


— 1943 Paris. Duncan in the French Resistance with his friend Georges and little Bernard.

— Lots of clips. Duncan telling Nora he couldn't have kids in "Bless the Child" and Tessa sad about not having children in "The Sea Witch."

Bits and pieces:

— Daimler wasn't just evil; he was actually a Nazi. Forty years in chains at the bottom of the Seine, and he was still a Nazi. (Sort of not a surprise.) He used the same chains to kill Georges, right after Duncan reunited with him. That was sad.

— Duncan's friend Georges Dalou was also in "For Tomorrow We Die." He thought then that Duncan was his own grandson.

— Daimler, German accent, called Duncan, "Duncan MacLaut."

Three stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.


  1. I love the sheer realism of the swordfight in this episode. The up close and dirty, the grappling. You could almost see Duncan's rage as it played out like a real fight.

    Even the viciousness of the beheading as Duncan obviously enjoyed killing this Nazi jerk. Not the best episode, but I have a special hate in my heart for racist sadists like this and it was perfect.

  2. I so love the scene in which he tells Georges he's immortal, on of my favorites in the series.
    And I so hate Daimler for killing him

  3. I also have always liked the scene where Duncan trusts George with his secret. And poor Bernard. The main plot was more interesting than the Anne plot. They wrote in the pregnancy to raise the emotional stakes for Duncan but it didn’t quite work. Duncan seemed more in love with the idea of a baby than with Anne. There was something vaguely compelling about Anne’s earnest professionalism and slightly awkward straightforwardness but she was better in her own scenes at the hospital.


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