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Highlander: Reasonable Doubt

Kagan: "This is an execution. I never had a chance."

A good attempt at a fairly serious plot. We could feel sorry for both Kagan and Simone. At least, right up until the moment when he killed her.

Immortal Richard Tarsis kidnapped potential immortal Lucas Kagan when he was a child, introduced him to crime, and completely controlled his life. What chance did Lucas have? Simone was sexually abused by her father, and was to be pitied as well. But they both had the power to change their own lives, and they didn't. When does someone's behavior cease being someone else's responsibility?

Would Kagan have turned out like Richie if Duncan had found him first? I don't think so. Kagan had been on his own for sixty years, and hadn't changed. Even if he'd had a better childhood and a decent immortal sponsor, I bet he would have eventually turned into one of those immortal serial killers.

So. Maurice introduced Duncan to his niece Simone. Duncan was investigating a robbery for a friend. Simone had pulled that very robbery with an immortal that Duncan had met once before. This may take the prize for the most improbable coincidence. I mean, really. I've heard that a lot of people live in Paris.


— 1930 Paris. Duncan got caught in a bank during the Tarsis/Kagan robbery, tracked Tarsis down, killed him, and let Kagan go. The best part of this one was Duncan retrieving a bank account he'd opened in 1837. Not only funny, it also gave us at least a little insight into Duncan's finances. He obviously makes long term investments. Really long.

— 1913 Dublin. Tarsis kidnapped Kagan, who was a child at the time.

— 1923 Paris. Tarsis deliberately caused Kagan's first death.

Bits and pieces:

— Anne and Richie have both left Paris, but they're still in the credits.

— The death of Simone's mother explained Maurice's not so funny alcoholism. This was probably Maurice's best episode; at the very least, his most serious.

— Dan noticed that the buzz in the opium den was less of a buzz and more of chant. Maybe it's the way it feels to immortals when they're stoned. Or maybe the producers and writers decided to make the buzz more musical.

— I thought it was hilarious when Duncan went to Simone's "house," and the hookers practically pounced on him.

— The final duel took place in broad daylight, and there were people off in the distance. Did they report it to the cops?

— Lucas Kagan was the twenty-first evil immortal with a K/C name.


Guy: "Please. I have a wife and two children. Please."
Kagan: "I hate kids."

Maurice: "Just show her a good time. But not too good."

Bank clerk: "That's ten thousand francs, at five percent interest, over ninety-three years..."

Kagan: "You know, MacLeod, if I'm not a prince, it's because I wasn't raised by a king."

Duncan: "I was looking for a friend."
Madam: "Aren't we all?"

Two stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.


  1. "The final duel took place in broad daylight, and there were people off in the distance. Did they report it to the cops?" Paris is like New York. If you see 2 guys fighting to the death with swords, you MYOB & move on.

  2. I've come around a little to Maurice this time around rewatching Highlander. I certainly liked him better than Charlie as the mortal friend who gets in the way. Charlie had some okay moments but mostly he was no fun.


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