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Highlander: Obsession

David: "What'd she look like?"
Richie: "In her twenties, brunette, really cute, scared to death. Sound familiar?"

All about a nice, immortal furniture maker... super needy stalker guy.

Yes, an immortal ex can stalk you forever. You can run him down, you can run away, but he takes a licking and keeps on ticking. At least David was only unbalanced and not a serial killer, although the fact that Jill's death was an accident didn't make her any less dead. And Anne was probably right when she said that guys like David don't stop until the object of their affection is dead.

Again, Duncan reacted with a "but for the grace of god" attitude. The lengthy flashbacks were about Duncan obsessed with a married woman named Sarah back in 1882, which was a new and somewhat atypical side of our hero. Did Duncan cross the line with Sarah the way David did with Jill? Where is the line, exactly? At the very least, if Duncan went over the line with Sarah, he tromped back over to the right side again immediately afterward. David Keogh certainly didn't.

This isn't that good an episode, but it has its moments. I thought Jill's reaction to David was particularly interesting. She was outright revolted by his immortality, and it wasn't just the fact that she wanted children and he couldn't give them to her. It was like she saw David, and Duncan too, as inhuman. Jill even went so far as to ask Duncan to take David out. Beheading is sort of a huge favor to ask a stranger. I'm not surprised that Duncan wouldn't do it.

Duncan and Anne are obviously lovers now, because there was all this touchy feely stuff and a discussion about shower sharing. And Anne was all over the place in this episode, interfering in the David/Jill situation, nibbling at the edges of Duncan's secret. I have to say that this romance does nothing for me. Maybe he'll leave her behind forever when the series does its annual transition to Paris. One can hope.


— 1825 Philadelphia. David was cruelly rejected by Julia... or he was stalking Julia like he did Jill. It was difficult to tell because the acting was pretty subtle; it was possible that Julia lied to her father.

— 1882 Davidson, Washington Territory. We actually had a flashback within a flashback. When Duncan was with Sarah, he was flashing back to Little Deer. In 1882, it had only been ten years since Little Deer's death.

— Again with Duncan in muttonchop sideburns, this time with a really hideous braided queue. I can only assume that the hairdressers were trying their damndest to make Adrian look bad because he always looked good, and making him look bad was the real challenge.

— Square dancing. Not ballroom dancing with a tux, but fun.

Bits and pieces:

— David Keogh had an innocuous occupation: handcrafting rocking chairs. That was an interesting character choice for the writers to make.

— Maybe he wasn't mwa-ha-ha twirling mustache evil, but David Keogh was the fourteenth bad immortal with a K/C name.

Two out of four stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

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