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Highlander: Shadows

Joe: "All the crap you guys go through, I'm surprised you're not all nuts."

There's something really horrible about the idea of an immortal burning at the stake. No wonder Garrick went insane. (Although he didn't seem tightly wired beforehand, either.) I kept wondering throughout how Garrick was making Duncan hallucinate, and I wasn't satisfied with the mystical answer. I would have preferred drugs or hypnosis.

But it was still intriguing to see Duncan lose it, and in such a big way. I think it was because Duncan always takes care of other people; this time, they had to take care of him. Duncan out of control was scary and formidable. For me, the most disturbing scene was when he slashed Richie and nearly took his head.

At least Anne broke up with Duncan, which was good. I wonder what spooked her the most? Duncan hallucinating with a sword in his hand (which would seriously scare pretty much anyone), or the fact that he had no medical records? Again with the lack of medical records. Would they be available in American databases if Duncan had been a normal mortal who grew up in, say, rural Scotland? The absence of records is not an absolute. Okay, I'll shut up now.


— 1665 England. Duncan tried to rescue his friend Garrick from a horrible execution, and didn't realize that he'd been unsuccessful and Garrick had been recaptured.

— Duncan revived, but with the knife still in him. Is that inconsistent with immortal revival rules? Doesn't it have to be out?

Bits and pieces:

— Duncan lost it in public, and Anne covered for him with the cops. That was good of her.

— Garrick said he spent more time in analysis than anyone in history. What could he have told an analyst about the source of his troubles, though?

— Richie had a very brief near-career as a music agent.

— That duel in the end made a mess of Duncan's cool industrial apartment. That kitchen is going to take days to clean.

— How did Duncan manage to overcome the effects of chugging an entire bottle of sleeping pills? I guess, like the thing with the knife in the flashback, immortal physiology changes depending on the requirements of the plot.

— Long Duncan plus sword sequence. Beautiful to watch.


Anne: "How long has it been since you've seen each other?"
Duncan: "Ages. The party was getting out of hand, I offered to give him a ride."
This was the total truth.

Joe: "All the crap you guys go through, I'm surprised you're not all nuts."
Truth again. Most immortals apparently are nuts.

Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

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