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Highlander: Revenge is Sweet

Duncan: "I don't think she's the murderer."
Tessa: "And what part of your four hundred year old anatomy formed this conclusion?"

Is a really hot immortal boyfriend worth the risk? Immortal groupies, beware.

This one had an actual theme: that mortal women who get involved with immortals are putting themselves in serious danger. And that applied not only to Rebecca Lord, who was guilty only of loving someone too much (and okay, she had obvious rage issues), but to Tessa as well. The thing with the chemical agent on the dress was pretty shuddery. At least Rebecca survived, which surprised me. Will Tessa?

Along with our theme, we had some pretty exuberant and athletic fencing by both Rebecca Lord and Walter Reinhardt. Loved the Duncan/Walter duel on the boat with evening clothes, and the final one in the garden where a lot of innocent by-plantings got destroyed. Rebecca Lord was really gorgeous and looked especially good with a sword, too, although what was with her hair? Her bangs were practically levitating.

Meanwhile, in between trips to the library for Duncan, Richie embarked on a new career as a used car salesman. Even with his background in petty theft, Richie couldn't handle the hypocrisy. He nearly ended up as another one of Walter's victims. Like Tessa, Richie is in permanent danger just because he's living with Duncan. Of course, if Richie is a potential immortal, he's actually safer with Duncan in the long run.


— 1988 Seacouver, Washington. The opening duel took place on a boat on New Year's Eve, 1988. Almost 1989.

— 1728 England. During the aborted duel on the London-Dover road, Duncan was sporting a big white wig and a British accent. Possibly Adrian's own. Accent, that is.

— Walter Reinhardt announced that he was "Walter Reinhardt of Salzburg." The habit of immortals announcing their names before duels with strange immortals is a lot of fun. Slightly pretentious, but it's nice to know whom you are killing.

Bits and pieces:

— Vanity was our second Highlander rock star: she was the lead singer of "Vanity 6." The producers were deliberately bringing in musical artists as guest stars. It was a thing.

— Why all the convoluted attacks? The dress, kidnapping Richie, trying to get Duncan to kill Rebecca? Why not just challenge Duncan? Too easy?

— Tessa got a commission to make big aluminum bagels for a city park. She said this was her best work, too. Big aluminum bagels were her best work? Really?

— They stepped up the guest cop quotient with Tim Reid, who was a bit more memorable.

— Richie's friend Angie from "The Road Not Taken" returned to buy an automotive lemon from Richie. So much for that relationship.


Tessa: "Don't tell me in four hundred years you've never seen a femme fatale before."

Walter: "You really do care about these mortals." This sounded like a quote from a movie about Greek gods.

Two out of four stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

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