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Highlander: The Sea Witch

Vorshin: "Stalin was a fool. But he had a talent for brutality, and I love that in a man."

Yes, it's another bad season one episode. I can't excuse them. All I can say is that it gets a lot better.

Here we had Stephen Macht as Alexei Vorshin, an immortal Yugoslavian drug dealer doing a bad impression of Count Dracula. The most interesting part of this one was that Duncan didn't actually take his head; the ship propellers did it for him. Which established that you don't need to do the deed yourself, and that the nearest immortal in physical proximity will get the quickening.

They introduced yet another possible girlfriend for Richie: this time, a hardened, troubled single mother with attitude from the old neighborhood. And no. The most interesting thing about Nikki and her daughter Melinda was that we discovered that Tessa loves children, and gave up the chance to have them to be with Duncan.


— 1938 Leningrad. Duncan in a fur hat that hid his hair and a Russian accent, which I assume meant he was speaking Russian but we were hearing English because this is television. It was better than Vorshin's accent, at least.

— Duncan was again smuggling refugees, which was similar to what he was doing with the Underground Railroad during the Civil War.

Bits and pieces:

— Lots of fog in the final duel. The fog eventually became common on Highlander, especially during duel scenes.

— In this week's hair report, this is the first time we could clearly see that Duncan was wearing a decorative pony tail clip. I always loved those things. Of course, Adrian Paul looked good in anything.


Richie: "How did you end up with this guy in the first place? I mean, he's such a loser. He's like roadkill with attitude."

Duncan: (as he was washing dope down the drain) "I just hope there really aren't alligators in the sewers."

One star,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

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