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Highlander: Unholy Alliance, Part 2

Xavier: "We can't go on meeting like this."
Duncan: "Don't worry. This will be the last time."

Not quite as exciting as part one, and we practically meandered around to a plot conclusion. Maybe there was just too much going on. At least there was a satisfying final duel and Duncan took Xavier out with his own sword.

Joe came through for Duncan, putting friendship and honor before family. Or did he? Joe told Duncan that Horton always had a way out, and son of a gun, the last shot was of James Horton in the distance, watching Duncan bid a romantic goodbye to Renee. Was Joe in on the deception? Joe was the one who shot Horton, after all.

Lots and lots of Renee, who thought she was expert secret agent woman when in fact she was out of her league. At least she was competent and actually shot bad guys and everything. The two of them just didn't happen; they kept getting interrupted, and it ended with her off for D.C. Probably for the best. There was a little chemistry between them, but not enough.

They changed continents again, and it was great to be back in Paris and back on the barge. Except for a freeloader named Maurice, who was even more annoying than Charlie. But still – back in Paris. Better.


— 1814 Toulouse, France. Duncan refused to kill an enemy (a Frenchman) and instead promised to carry out the man's dying request. This was a year before Duncan met Darius.

Bits and pieces:

— Duncan didn't tell Charlie the truth about himself, after all.

— The Seine really did flood, according to the DVD, and they really did have to move the barge. Not quite as picturesque as Notre Dame. But what could be?

— When Duncan saw the barge for the first time, there was a brief flashback montage of Tessa. Duncan's scene with the now widowed Catherine was also a reminder of Tessa.

— Again in the end credits, "In memory of Werner Stocker."


Duncan: "I told you. It's not safe being my friend."
Renee: "I'm a big girl. And I carry a gun."

Xavier: "Horton, Horton. When will you learn to savor life? When you eat, eat well. When you love, make it last a long time. When you kill, kill for pleasure."
Golden caviar. What a hedonist. But at least it got us back to Paris.

Two out of four stars,

Billie Doux knows that there can be only one.

1 comment:

  1. I like Xavier a lot, i wish he'd have not been found at the end, vanished for a while, and came back one more time next season to die.
    I also would've liked if things would've played out much differently, Xavier realized Horton would never get Duncan, and Xavier killed Horton in this episode.


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