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Veronica Mars: Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough

Veronica: "It's not a carnival until somebody shows butt cheek."

A lot of this episode was about how something that looked good on the outside was corrupt and sleazy on the inside.

At the glittery (even in a literal sense) Winter Carnival, we had (1) Ms. Hauser stealing money from students; (2) Weevil framing Thumper; (3) J.B. cheating with Ms. Hauser's test; (4) Logan manipulating an innocent for his own ends, (5) the brothers Casablancas treating each other like garbage, and (6) students punishing Jackie for something she didn't do.

The whole Logan/Hannah thing just threw me. Before we saw her father in the car and Logan's motives became clear, I found him hitting on her somewhat distasteful. Why? Because she was so obviously gullible, as well as very young? Because she looked like Veronica? Logan talked with Hannah about predators at the carnival; I thought he was talking about himself. On a maturity and sophistication level, Hannah is a bunny and Logan is a cheetah.

The brothers Casablancas came to blows. Dick had a major problem with Cassidy having a girlfriend. Why? Yes, Mac isn't the type of girlfriend you'd expect for someone like Cassidy, but Dick's reaction was just unbelievably vicious. And now, Dick's little sojourn in the parking lot with a man in drag made him look like a fool. In a Casablancas civil war, my money would be on Cassidy. He's a lot smarter.

Keith was living out his fantasy of having a beer with his favorite ball player, and paid for it with serious disillusionment. Bus crash victim Ms. Dumas was Fatal Attraction-ing Terrence Cook as well as blackmailing him with the fact that he threw a game and owed money to practically everyone. Still, Keith didn't believe Terrence Cook crashed the bus. I don't either.

How many part time jobs does Veronica have now? And she's also tending the slushy stand at the Winter Carnival? Why? Doesn't she have enough to do?

Bits and pieces:

— This week's bus crash clue: it was a bomb activated by a cell phone.

— I actually felt sorry for Jackie. I didn't think that was possible. What Wallace did for her was so sweet. But we already know Wallace is a sweetie.

— Clemmons and Veronica seem to be bonding now. Maybe they've developed respect for each other after Veronica inadvertently got him promoted.

— Weevil has a niece named Ophelia, six years old.

— Why did Veronica protect Weevil? Was it truly just that she preferred roller coasters to sailing? Or that she liked Weevil enough to let him get away with it?

— Thumper had a wooden paddle in his locker with a lot of letters and numbers on it. Pretty tasty piece of clue-age, as Buffy would say. Which was why Veronica made a photocopy of it.

— Veronica had another copy of the keys to the school office. Why am I not surprised?

— I probably don't say it enough, but I love VM episode titles. I loved this one.

— In this week's hair report, Logan's got a lot shorter while Eli actually had hair for the first time. Maybe there was some kind of mystical transference involved.


(featuring this week's cutting banter from Veronica and Logan):

Veronica: "Slushies! Get your ice cold frozen... sugar water."
Logan: "You had me at ice cold."
Veronica: "What's your poison?"
Logan: "Emotionally unavailable women. Let's see. I want something that suits my mood."
Veronica: "Ooh, I'm sorry. We're all out of liquid evil."
Logan: "I'll take two of whatever will turn my tongue blue."
Veronica: "Hot date?"
Logan: "Rain check?"

Madison: "We all saw her lurking around."
Jackie: "Lurking? You mean, standing while black?"

Cassidy: (reading) "Bambi Gasm."
Mac: "Of the Boston Gasms?"

Another good one. Three stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. People are so mean. Take Ms Hauser for example, accusing Jackie and calling her trash when she herself was a thief. I´m sorry but what kind of person is that?
    The Logan/Hannah didn´t trouble much, except for the fact that she is really skinny.

  2. What's with the writers giving the characters such unpleasant aspects? Logan with Hannah was creepy from the start and felt predatory. Even though he may have what he sees as a motive, using this young woman to this degree is pretty awful.


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