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Veronica Mars: Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle

Veronica: "My boyfriend just fled the country with his dead ex-girlfriend's baby. I need a project."

Whenever we have a superheavy episode like the last one, going back to business as usual always feels a bit strange.

As far as sting episodes go, this was a pretty good one. The surprise assistance of Jackie, apparently no longer a bitch, was unexpected. I don't know about you, but I found it utterly bizarre that Rashard was so narcissistic about his phenom status that he had the nerve to be mad at Wallace for not going along with being framed for the hit and run. Yeah, Wallace, just keep your mouth shut and go to jail for something you didn't do, baby. How dare you protest about that.

Keith, now actively investigating the bus crash, pulled a Veronica, stealing tapes from the Sheriff Department's evidence locker. Keith figured out what the dead rat was for: the rat smelled, therefore, the rich kids got a limo. The rat was the reason that the rich kids lived, and the poor kids died. There was a lot of mention of rats (and mice) in this episode, too, in terms of betrayal.

Lots of other developments in the bus crash mystery, too. Woody Goodman told his daughter Gia not to get on the bus. Terrence Cook and Ms. Dumas, the journalism teacher, had a relationship, and Terrence was taken in for questioning in the bus crash. And David "Curly" Moran not only worked on an Aaron Echolls movie; he also worked on Dick Sr.'s car, and Gia Goodman's, as well. We have a virtual plethora of suspects.

Weevil and Logan were still playing undercover buddies to find the killer thing, and I still found it pretty amusing. And it even worked. They found out who the bad guy was: the inappropriately named Thumper. (Yes, I look at Thumper and see a small bunny rabbit stomping his feet.) But Weevil's entire bike club has now turned on him. This can't be good.

Bits and pieces:

— Veronica appears to be taking Duncan's departure fairly well. He's still in the cast. Maybe he'll return. I hope not.

— German chocolate nut-gasm? I want one.

— There seems to be one good Fitzpatrick: Father Patrick Fitzpatrick. (What a name. What was his mother thinking?) "Definitely the priest I want on my side in a team knife fight." Except he turned out not to be distributing drugs, after all.

— I did love Veronica bugging the confessional, and then immediately sort of confessing.

— Lars and Britt did karaoke at Java the Hut. Britt did "Veronica." Very cute.


Weevil: "How did you guys even meet?"
Molly: "At church. At St. Mary's."
Weevil: "Of course. Only place the micks and the spics ever get together without someone getting punched."

Wallace: "What if I'm not there?"
Cliff: "Then they'll issue a warrant. You'll be arrested, probably found guilty, and end up married to some enormous murderer named Tiny."

Veronica: "They reconciled? How?"
Keith: "Mystery of love would be my guess."
Veronica: "A million dollar 'sorry I banged the maid' ring would be mine."

Weevil: "I need you to bug the confessional at St. Mary's Church."
Veronica: "Um, I'm sorry, that's not on our menu. Maybe you should try 'You're Crazy' down the street?"

Veronica: "I've got a pantomime horse disguise you could use. Do either of you have any experience being a horse's ass?"
Logan: "I'm glad my misfortunes amuse you."

Logan: "Look, Veronica. Can you just once save my ass without comment?"
Veronica: "No. Because saving your ass with comment, it just works better for me."

Keith: "I had a thought about the rat."
Veronica: "Hmm. That you could make his lips and feet into hot dogs? I think somebody beat you to that one."

There are no bad VM episodes, at least so far. This one was pretty much okay. Two and a half stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I really liked how Jackie went through for them and even joined in their high-five. I like how WEallace is getting more focus this season.

  2. I'm not sure the writers of the show have a great grasp of Southern California geography. Which is annoying because they probably live here. It's been established Neptune is close to San Diego, yet Veronica and Wallace constantly zip up to UCLA? Not buying it. That's easily a two hour drive minus traffic of any kind.

  3. The smell of the rat is what saved the rich kids? Not sure about this one.

  4. ^Making me think of Parasite where the rich guy kept complaining about an unidentifiable smell when the poor dad was chauffeuring him. Rich people have good noses. Worked for me!

    Weevil D:

    Jackie stuff was a nice surprise, and a 2nd fake-out that caught me off-guard along with the Duncan escape plot from before.


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